10 Best Beginner Guitars for Kids You Can’t Ignore

Top 10 popular and best beginners’ guitar for kids
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I strongly believe that there is no age for learning anything in the world. It hardly matters whether you are a kid or not.

But Getting to know whether your child is interested in learning guitar as a hobby or passion is important.

And as a Father or a Mother of a little one, dealing with the guitar and finding best beginner guitars for kids can act as a major concern. But, hey just relax, there is nothing to get worried about.

The duty of buying a tool for your growing kid can be somewhat extreme. This might turn to two cases:

Either you have a great knowledge about the guitar or else the guitar you choose randomly turns out to be the best for you kid.

To develop a better understanding of the model and the frame I am here with the best guitars for your growing kid.

Though I have listed out the 10 best beginner guitars for kids just to make it easy for you to select a best one.

In this case, scroll down among the best of the several solid best guitars for a kid.

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3 Best Beginner Guitars For Kids (My Choice)

Here are my choice 3 best beginner guitars for kids with the direct link to check why they are my favorite. Click on the reviews button and see reviews, specifications and price.

What Age is suitable for a child to learn guitar?

There is no fixed age for when a kid ought to get familiar with the guitar. Where as the initial age years of life are best to learn something new.

Normally, a kid needs to learn or play the guitar at 5 years old or 6. As this age turns out to be the best age to begin learning guitar lessons.

One thing that does make a difference, however is that if your kid is truly ready to hold the guitar. If he can, at that point continue to the following elements and pick out the best learning guitar for kids.

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What to Look When Purchasing Your Child’s First Guitar?

There exist diverse things to be observed while purchasing a guitar. In any case, for your first guitar the procedure is quite straightforward.

You fundamentally need to possibly take a gander at two things when purchasing your child’s first guitar.

  • What would be the size of the guitar
  • The type of Guitar is best suitable

What would be the guitar size? best beginner guitars for kids

One regular size guitar is nearly 40 inches (101.6 cm). That size is otherwise named as ‘full size’. For the most part, just grown-ups are OK by a full-size guitar moreover for a child, a full-size guitar might overpower them.

Happily, guitars evolve in several sizes. Among them, the most well-known are; full size, 3/4, 7/8 and 1/2. The half-size frame or 3/4 would do great for any child.

What’s more, every youngster who has crossed the age of 12 years can command very comfortably with the full-size guitar.

Do select from the best beginner guitars for kids and make them the shining stars.

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Which is the best suitable guitar for a kid: Acoustic, Classical or Electrical?

In contrast to acoustic and electrical guitars, an old-style guitar holds nylon fiber strings rather than metal cords. Nylon strings move simply touching every finger, plus along with that, it is simple to press and are harmless.

What’s more, in the event that your child happens to be a beginner at that point with his interest he must invest more of his time investing in this new beginning of learners.

As a beginner, you can turn your learning table while giving a start by a classical guitar. And there turns out to be the perfect logic for this. A Classical guitar is made up of nylon strings that hold delicate on the fingertips.

Acoustic guitars are inbuilt with the steel-string. But have a simple shape. Having a steel-string it gives a lot more splendid and stronger tone. It might be sharp especially for soft and mild fingertips

Electric guitar turns out to be best are they are comparatively lighter and soft when compared to classical or acoustic guitar. These guitars are best for a new learner as a kid.

An interesting point, however, is the weight. Some size of 5-6 kg can be hard and difficult for your kid to hold and deal with.

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Which is the best beginner’s guitar for kids to start with?

Well, the answer is being known by your kid. Who won’t melt when your kid will make a cute puppy face and you ask him to learn classical guitar but he or she is interested in acoustic or electrical?

A kid acquires the skill while doing what he loves and loves what he does. In any case, on the off chance that your kid doesn’t have a particular opinion about that subject.

At that point, a nylon old-style guitar will act out the best guitar for beginners kids. 

Reviewed are some amazing and best guitars for beginners’ kids.

In this section, I have dug down remarkable Guitar for beginners kid toward the best performers of your child to shine out bright.

I have listed down the top 10 best beginner guitars for kids. I believe you’ll enjoy the journey of your child.

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Top 10 popular and best beginners’ guitar for kids
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Top 10 Best Beginners Guitar for Kids (Review)

There exist basically a couple of guitars type one that is actually for a learner and for the beginners, while others that are on a temporary toy for learners.

As a kid, I usually used to get attracted by many things and the mood swings were in seconds.

A kid’s interest can change as fast as the breeze. Nobody needs to leave behind a lot of cash for something that probably won’t be played later in a couple of months.

Hence, I’ve tried to figure out a couple of modest decisions inside the blend with some best guitars for beginner kids. Along with some amazing overhauls for youngsters who are really interested in learning something new.

10 Best Guitars For Beginners And A Perfect Guide To Nail It

#1. Classical Guitar 3/4 Size 36-inch Kids Guitar

The first choice that I make on the list is a powerful pack up as a beginner. It truly bodes well for a learner as it accompanies all the vital accessories.

This specific bundle incorporates a waterproof guitar sack, a leathered finished acoustic guitar tie, a guitar tuner, and two guitar picks.

It is as the name proposes a 36 inch (3/4 measured) traditional guitar fitted with 6 nylon strings which are simpler on fingertips.


  • Affordable and comfortable for beginners
  •  Well built along with the frame
  •  Solid-top.
  • Beginner case.
  • Six Nylon Strings Guitar
  • Size: 36 inches 3/4 Size

 It is pleasantly made and has a strong basswood top which is solid and has great regular reverberation adding to the acoustics of the instruments.

The rear and front surfaces are likewise framed of basswood. Along with that, the neckline is produced using maple just like the headstock plus fretboard.

The best thing that highlights is a well-known dreadnought shape that it has. Which gives it bends in all the finished areas for combined support & comfort while you sit and play the guitar.

This is one of the best Classical learning guitars for kids to make your choice for J

#2. Yamaha JR1

A smaller plus durable guitar similar to the Yamaha JR1 Junior-Size Acoustic guitar is a gem to let start your kid journey with more of smooth fun. A best acoustic guitar for kids to let your child skill their ability.

Similar to an acoustic guitar you won’t see any fancy odds and whistles. But you’ll be very much surprised by its superb playability including reliable tone.

Built with Tidy top, Meranti back and sides, and Nato neck, Yamaha frame itself to the best wood frame quality to release its valid acoustic sounds & tones.

The reflexive top and the silk finish for the rear and fronts surfaces uncover astounding craftsmanship.


  • Produces soft soothing sound 
  • Perfect-sized for kids 
  • Hard spruce head 
  • Rosewood neck and fingerboard 
  • Light to handle 

Even though the neck isn’t strong, then it’s easy to drive about and get to the higher frets. The fret which is been built by rosewood accompanies 20 frets along with 21 ¼-inch scale length to suit little players.

Yamaha has no compromising policies. The JR1 is outfitted with a rosewood connect, remunerated manufactured bone nut.

Along with that a saddle and chrome open-equipped tuning machines. Maybe with a difference in strings and a legitimate arrangement, this guitar is extraordinary to deliver a quite decent tone. Do check it out 🙂

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#3. ADM Beginners Classical Guitar 30-Inch

One of the well-known guitar in the Classical stream is ADM Beginner Classical Guitar

This guitar turns out to be the ideal learning guitar for your little champ. It’s a great starter for your learning guitar journey.

The frame size of the guitar tends to be 30-inch, building a little classical guitar. The guitar suits best for every individual. To its best peace and comfort level with amazing sounds. 

This is a reasonable guitar that requires just $50. This turns out ADM to be among the best affordable quality guitar of size 30-inch.  


  • A nylon string guitar 
  • Kit starter
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Affordable price

The guitar is in a wide variety of colors to choose from the complete wood finish. The wood tends to give it a perfect furnished appearance plus Standard texture. 

It includes a kit along with it:

  • Which has strings
  • Guitar bands
  • Tuners
  • And pair of picks

Who would not love to choose a guitar which is affordable along with comes with an entire kit?  

The best part of the journey is it comes with a 1-Year warranty so that you are away from spending any extra money for any internal defect.

It covers everything that a newcomer might require to start his amazing journey in the world of music. 

#4. Crescent MG 38-CF

If you’re in a search for an amazing beginners guitars, then the Crescent MG38-CF Acoustic Guitar could hold unique one to you. 

The size of the guitar comprises of 38-inch with steel strings and wood outline framework.

It is amazingly well furnished to give you that work of art and old look. The strings are solid plus durable to give you a unique playing action, thus making it the best beginner’s guitar for kids.

Performing countryside music and azures is made simpler on this amazing acoustic guitar

It’s adaptable to suit diverse playing forms, strumming, fingerpicking, and Flatpicking. 


  • Perfect for Beginner Students
  • Steel Strings
  • Wood Frame Build
  • Comes with a Bundles of Guitar Accessories

It offers a brilliant and loud tone with an exceptionally sharp rim. 

Harmonizing bolts are formed of metal plus steel, as a result, tuning is simple and progressively exact. 

At an average sticker price, you’ll likewise get a digital & advanced tuner. 

Which would help you out in keeping the correct tuning of the guitar by making it simpler? With this, learners can tune the guitar appropriately without the requirement for an expert to do it.

Do try this best acoustic guitar for kids and comment below your experience.

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#5. Ibanez PN12E Mahogany Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Along with having its pre-amplifier including tuner, the PN12E electro-acoustic helps to give the best performance to your kid.

It is one of the best electro-acoustic guitars for kids to learn on the journey of music. 

It comes with the option of plugging the electric chords. As a result, delivers amazing hard tones that make this the best guitar for kids.

The cost of the guitar is quite affordable. It acts out as a modest, affordable option for growing young beginners.

Top 10 Popular and Best Beginner Guitars for Kids


  • Friendly mahogany sounds
  • 18 frets
  • Onboard mark plus guitar tuner
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

One point to be noted is that its preamplifier won’t deliver you extra astonishing had sounds but as a beginner it is good. But the good point is you can amplify as per your needs. Isn’t it great?

With the help of the onboard tuner, one can easily learn to tune the guitar. And pitch the volume and strumming high and low as per their requirements. As you know learning to tune a guitar is an important part after all.

No doubt, the PN12E produces a pleasant friendly sound that makes it the best electric guitar for kids.

It has a comparatively shorter scale and a parlor-sized frame that’s ideal for your kids to learn to anchor on.

#6. Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J

Turning out to be one of the best electric guitars for kids to perform their journey with. Yamaha Pacifica PAC112 turns out to best.  

Yamaha Pacifica is the best learning guitar for kids & is counted among the most popular guitar in the musical aura. When it is talked it is talked in pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar. 

While you might think that the prices are too high but the quality of the guitar is worth the price while your kid begins his journey with the best electric guitar. 

The framework, the polish line finishing, along with the smooth and soft tone of this electric guitar makes it worth all the price. 


  • Lightweight Alder framework
  • Smooth and mild sound
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • C-shaped maple neckband 

Yamaha PAC112J comes with an HSS pickup configuration, particularly concerning beginners.

It contains a humbucker in the bridge-whist point. This helps you provide more solid, higher-output sounds that suit perfect to metal plus hard, while those pair of coils allow amazing trio-fold clasp and accuracy.

With the guidance of the HSS pickup configuration, performers can acquire knowledge regarding sounds and tones. 

HSS will also help you kid to analyze what kind of platform your kid what to master in.  

#7. Epiphone SG Classical Worn P-90’s

An essence double-cut encouraged by the Gibson US series, Epiphone SG Classic Worn P-90s turns among the best guitar for beginner’s kid.

As a newcomer, this might turn out to be a bit more costly than the other mentioned in the list. 

But after knowing its brilliant features you won’t regret its high price. It basically consists of a basswood body with an amazing tone and Indian laurel fingerboard. 

If your child happens to be more serious about the learning of the guitar and has a pre-acquired knowledge about its features and all. This SG of Gibson’s sub-brand Epiphone will perform more genuine benefits.

SG Classic is however of 400 bucks plus is the best learning guitar for kids


  • Excellent value and sound
  • Basswood frame
  • Bolt-on maple neckband
  •  Indian laurel fingerboard
  • The small & light SG frame is wonderful to beginners

Anything amazing that you get in a guitar that’s based on Gibson’s SG, is a pair of traditional polishes finish framework (Old Inverness Green, Old Cherry) colors.

Along with that two Astonishing-sounding tricks, a small light mahogany frame that’s excellent for performers.

It’s one of the best beginners guitars for kids you won’t regret to make a decision on.  

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#8. Kid Beginner Guitar Classical Guitar

Next in the series, I have a half-sized traditional guitar that won’t let you down a great deal of money. CN Blue fledgling model that has a comparative form as that of Hohner and accompanies a reward dispatch case.

It estimates 30″ rendering it ideal for more youthful players and beginners. It accompanies Dreadnought frame size and shape. Along with that features lovely trim highlights. 

It is very much built of basswood which holds great regular natural acoustics.  

The size of the body is comparatively reduced due to the small-scaled frame size.


  • Composed of Dreadnought frame
  • Easy tuning machine
  • Small-Scaled Frame
  • Accompanied by 18 frets

The tip is strong which makes it a brilliant echoing cabinet, the neckline is thinly designed by using maple. 

It is solid enough to adapt under the string strain and turns out perfect for learning guitar for kids.

Although the guitar is scaled in size, the head-stock highlights full-size tuning machines with metal riggings. Which helps out to keep the sound and pressure perfectly balanced. 

It highlights 18 frets and the fingerboard is made with a top-quality specialized wood which is perfect for slides and speedy movement.

#9. Fender MC-1 Nylon Guitar

Fender MC-1 Nylon Guitar is a wonderful and classic musical instrument for children. 

As a ¾-size guitar strongly built, it will hold a reliable option for expert kids who desire to change from steel-stringed over nylon guitars. 

Though it possesses a scaled-down framework size, & that marks it to be Fender.

And I am damn sure after making your decision of buying it you won’t regret the beautiful and amazing sounds it produces.


  • 3/4 Framework Size
  • 23.3 Guitar Music Range 
  • C-shape Neckline Outline in Satin Finish
  • Aga-this Head

It’s built by Aga-this head including Sapless rear and front surfaces along with time-tested bracing which allows complete temper, symbolic of a pure standard guitar. 

A uniquely soft and satin-finished C-shape neckline is one of the best stuff that I loved of this guitar. 

It is designed specifically for the soft and tinder fingertips of your kids.

Whether you love finger-picking instead of strumming the MC-1 is adaptable suitable to support diverse playing arts. 

It presents play surpassing expectations. Therefore, you’ll surely appreciate this marvelous guitar for beginner kids.

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#10. RED Junior Kids Mini 3/4 Electric Guitar

RED Junior guitar is an outstanding decision for little and quick beginners. Its frame pattern and mass remain excellent for children to manage smoothly without lending plenty of strength. 

Essentially the material is built up from Basswood, you’ll cherish by finding deep midrange content.

If you happen to be likewise toward LP sounding Strat, you can notice beyond a deep strong tone because of its basswood frame.

Its neckline is Maple produced plus it is pretty stable & smooth to operate by.


  • 1/2 Scale Electric Guitar, Basswood Frame 
  • Maple Neckline, Bolt-on Neckline
  • Maple Fretboard, Hardtail Chrome Alloy Bridge
  • Double Humbucker w/1 Volume 1 Tone
  • Base Ration Tuners

Above all, this guitar is much simple and manageable for children to perform & endure. Particularly, for the ones who happen to be new into performing guitar.

 It is actually beginner-friendly because of its lightweight frame and simplistic layout. 

It is easy to handle for the kids along with that helps out with soft enriching sounds and tunes. I am sure your kid will cherish all the guitar lessons. 

Happening to be a beginner at a junior stage, I am damn sure you definitely won’t find a more simple and amazing guitar than this Small guitar for your kids.

Common Features of Acoustic, Classical and Electrical Guitar for Beginners Kid

Listed below are a few of the features you’ll want to have a look at to choose the best learning guitar for your kid.

Acoustic Guitar:

  • Amazing for a group, burst, countryside, smooth and funk melody
  • Steel strings might have a harsh impact on soft fingers
  • Echoes deep clear and heavy sound, excellent during strumming chords

Electric Guitar:

  • Comparatively small in size as that of Classical and acoustic.
  • Acts best for Good for disco, metal, and countryside song
  • Steel strings might have a harsh impact on soft fingers

Classical Guitar (Nylon String Guitar):

  • Suitable for traditional, flamenco, Spanish melody.
  • Brings to the most modest size frame – 1/4 size.
  • Soft on fingers – ideal for budding kids

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The Best Beginner Guitar for Kids which I would recommend: 

To all the beginner kids one of my favorite guitar which I would suggest little kids is Yamaha JR1. Yamaha JR1 is one of the most suitable decisions to perform as a learning champion for kids. 

It has one of the excellent tone notes besides including a flexible frame and amazing learning experience. Junior-Size Acoustic guitar is a gem to let start your kid journey with more of smooth fun. 

But you’ll be very much surprised by its superb playability including reliable tone. Yamaha JR1 has a base and light frame which is ideal for high-level fingerpicking form.

The reflexive top and the silk finish for the rear and fronts surfaces uncover astounding craftsmanship.

As a beginner kid, I do recommend to start your journey with Yamaha JR1 as it the best acoustic guitar for kids and do let me know your experience in the comment section below 🙂

Summing Up

Being a parent you know what is best for your kid but as a newcomer in this field you can mess it up while searching for best beginner guitars for kids.

At the end of the day, the decision making is done by our kid as to which guitar he wants to learn. He or she can make any choice from which they want to learn.

It might be that your kid is more interested in learning and playing with the electric guitar. But wants to master himself in acoustic and classical. Or maybe all of the above. That marks a great choice.

For all of your confusion here I have listed down the top 10 best beginner guitar for kids to make a perfect choice. Do let me know in the comment section below your favorite guitar for your kid and strum it all. Stay tuned for more such amazing articles.

By that time don’t forget to leave your comment. And if you really like our content then don’t forget to share it. And if you want any suggestions or any guidance towards your guitar training or finding best beginner guitars for kids always feel free to contact us.

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