10 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners {Review}

10 Best electric guitars for beginners {Review}
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Learning guitar is a good experience and opens to new opportunities in this rapidly changing world. When you decide to learn obviously you have to get a good guitar which suits your needs. But finding a good electric for beginners like you is a challenging thing.

Choosing an electric guitar for beginners is easy, but selecting one among the best electric guitars for beginners is not as easy as you might think.

You might think the best brand may work fine or pouring more money makes it good. But it is not the thing always. There are many things to keep in mind while purchasing a guitar especially for beginners.

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In general, there are three types of guitar for producing different kinds of music. It is namely

Classic guitar

For mainly producing classical music, flamenco and Spanish music. Have nylon strings which are smooth on your fingers. The sound produced is soft and mellow not as loud as acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitar

The strings of Acoustic Guitars are made of steel which are good in producing pop, country, folk and slow rock music. Sound comes out of the guitar is very sharp and bright, ideal for strumming chords. It is bulky, but lighter in weight.

And the third one and our priority, an electric guitar

It is smaller in size than acoustic and classical guitar. Electric guitars are mostly preferred for pop, metal, rock and country music.

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Common mistakes to avoid while buying an electric guitar for beginners

  1. Going with wrong size and sound
  2. Getting the guitar having high strings which are hard on fingers to play
  3. Looking for brand thinking you might get a good one
  4. Paying for the features you don’t need
  5. Getting guitar sans support materials
  6. Stocking at bad machine head guitar that do not tune well

There are enough models available in the market, which puzzles the beginners, as they are confused to get the right one of their choice. Mainly, one has to consider the mechanics of the body and guitar to evaluate which one suit you better.

That is the reason you have landed here and we are much happy to provide you the best designs that are reviewed for the best of each user taste. Here is the list of our favorite top 10 pick of the best electric guitars for beginners. Have a look at them below and select the one which suits your needs and financial situations.

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best electric guitars for beginners “my choice”

10 Best electric guitars for beginners {Review}
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Top 10 electric guitars for beginners

Here is our top list of good guitar for beginners electric

#1. Best Choice Products 39 inch Full Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter

The product is made up of the classic hardwood body with magnificent glossy finish for long lasting use and comes in three different colors which is an added advantage.

This guitar is a good guitar for beginners as well as for experienced guitarists who want to carry it through their travel. The dimensions of the guitar are 39” length, 10.5” width and just 2” height. One of the best reviewed guitar for beginners amazon. All you have to do is drive on the amp to produce a perfect and beautiful music.

Product Highlights

  • It possesses easy controls like volume, bass, and treble. Either you play this guitar sit or stand you will have control.
  • Produces a smooth tone which is perfect for rock and roll and blues.
  • The 10W amplifier included is loud enough for its size with batteries included for easy portability. Preferred for right handers.
  • One has to restring it like Hendrix for left handers.

#2. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX Electric Guitar

Extraordinary compared to other electric guitar esteems for longer than 10 years, Yamaha Pacifica guitars are notable for incredible tone and remarkable playability.

The Pacifica collection has been constructed to respond to numerous genres and play styles. Various pickup configurations provide a wide variety of sound characters, from heavy distortion to a crystal -clear smooth sound.

Product Highlights

  • It is one of the best electric guitars with not too high priced even with a good brand name.
  • Product dimensions are 43 x 18 x 5 inches manufactured for right hand-oriented guitarists.
  • Agathis Body, maple bolt-on neck, snorkeling fingerboard and vintage tremolo are the rich features of the guitar.

#3. LyxPro Full Size Electric Guitar

Moreover, it is Perfect choice for intermediate and novice players. The guitar features a high – quality material like rosewood for fingerboards, Canadian maple for the neck, which lasts longer and produces a superior quality sound when playing. It is available in different sizes and colors.

It contains tuning items like guitar, bass, chromatic, ukulele and violin. Dimensions of the guitar are 2.1″ x 1.1″ x 3.1″. The tuning range is between 27.5 Hz to 4186.01 Hz, which produces sharp music. The pickup configuration is S-S-S.

Product Highlights

  • The 20 W amplifiers is perfect for beginners.
  • No doubt it can be versed well with intermediates and experienced too.
  • The digital tuner makes the guitar perfectly tuned for every time you play.
  • Mainly made for right hand orientation players.

#4. Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

There is no specific reason, but almost everything is generalized and have only limited colors. If you do not want to go with regular colors and want to get it in your favorite color? Then this guitar is for you. It is available in eight different colors.

The sound produced when using this guitar is true and nice. Good guitar for beginners, kids who are just beginning their learning process. Going to a guitar with good look and feel at the same time not compromising with the quality and sound, then this will be the perfect choice. The C- molded neck profile is etched to give a vintage-style playing feel.

Product Highlights

  • Made with all wood construction for long durability.
  • It won’t get cracked or dented when unexpectedly dropped.
  • Available in different colors though with different sizes, both for left and right handers.

#5. ZENY 39″ Full Size Electric Guitar

It is Made up of hard texture basswood, a lightweight wood and high density, which gives long life for the guitar and turning machine. This is Ideal for blues, rock and roll and anything else in between. The bright and natural sound compliments the solid wood warm sounds and makes the music appeal to the listeners.

Product Highlights

  • The accessories of the electric guitar are ideal for right – handed beginners.
  • One can say this is a guitar for beginners as it fits every need of a beginner.
  • This Zeny full size electric guitar with a pickup selector knob to shape the tune boasts a three – pickup configuration.
  • To protect the instrument with scratches, it possesses a stylish pick guard.

#6. Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-ST-3/4-SB

Ascend by Sawtooth guitars are an extraordinary choice for players of any aptitude level! They are amazingly adaptable and will fit in anyplace from your first exercise to practice with your band. It was built to stay strong and last long that pulls out some great sounds.

Product Highlights

  • Ideally designed for both left and right-handed guitarists with full and 3/4th size.
  • Humbucker pickup configuration.
  • Maple neck, basswood body and maple fretboard with dot inlays are the features it got that adds advantage.

#7. Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner

The C- shaped neck profile has a smooth satin feel and is very comfortable for longer practice sessions. This Squier electric guitar is available in two different and attractive colors, candy apple red and brown sunburst. It is A bit pricy one among the list of our electric guitars. If you have no concerns with the price, then this would be a good guitar for beginners like you.

Product Highlights

  • It has a lightweight body.
  • Vintage-style tremolo associated with provides a great pitch impact and possesses three single-curl pickups which produce classyStrat tones.
  • The Stratocaster is perfect for starting players and gives a happy with playing feel.

#8. Donner DST-100T Full-Size 39 Inch Electric Guitar

This Donner DST-100T electric guitar set incorporates all the embellishments you have to begin playing directly out of the case. In addition to the fact that it has all that you have to learn and play electric guitar, but on the other hand, it’s valued so reasonably that hopping in doesn’t require a major venture. The body is made up of with a superior solid African basswood and neck is made up of Canadian maple material which lasts longer than usual

Product Highlights

  • The DST-100T highlights a strong basswood body with fine curves, chrome tuner keys, great quality metal strings, and a PVC pickguard.
  • Tuning Pegs are made of Steel for simple tuning and to keep the tuned string held in position.
  • It comes in an attractive tidepool color for right hand- oriented users.

#9.    GLARRY Full Size Electric Guitar for Music Lover Beginner

Structured with a dark pickguard, this guitar looks more beguiling and one of a kind than others. With refined plan and great, it is tough to utilize and more durable. In addition, the standard tone from this guitar gives you awesome sound experience. Highlighting agreeable hand feeling and resonant tone quality, the best option for right – handed junior electric guitar learners, this will be your relentless decision!

Product Highlights

  • 39.17” x 12.99” x 2.36” are the dimensions of the product with almost 14 lbs. weight.
  • The main material is basswood and neck material are maple making it good for rock and warm music, also sturdy and good for long term usage.

#10. Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Here comes the end product of our list, the Ibanez 6 string electric guitar. It’s the idea that has garnered the GRX70QA its place as one of the most notable beginning guitars, establishing for motivating various melodic vocations across the earth.High return infinity R humbucker pickups produces brilliant tone of your choice.The 5-way selector switch offers access to the exact kind of tonal palette you need. A T102 tremolo balances your complex weaponry.

Product Highlights

  • Great in plan yet moderate in value, the Ibanez 6 string electric guitar is a perfect section level instrument first off.
  • It arrives in a wide scope of hues and is bundled with all that you have to begin playing immediately.
  • To assist you with finding the sound that suites you best, the guitar has both a neck and scaffold pickup just as a tone handles.
  • The dimensions of the product are 39.5 x 12.5 x 2.2 inches with just 7.5 pound weight.

What are exactly the things you need to consider before buying an electric guitar for beginners?

Contrary to other guitars like acoustic and classical, electric guitars are also financial. They are simpler to upkeep and administer than acoustic guitars. They should as well keep going for a long time to come. Electric guitars that are set-up accurately are simpler to learn than steel-string acoustic guitars. The fingerboard of a traditional guitar is additionally more extensive, which can make it simpler for most players, except if you have tiny hands. For those with little hands, the electric guitar might be the best decision.

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Does the material impact sound the guitar produces?

The sound produced by playing the guitar depends on the build of the body, its vital parts and the material used in its making. There are many considerations to be kept in mind of the body parts like hollow, semi -hollow or solid. Each type has a specific resonance, impact on the guitar. For soft and smooth sounds, go with hallow or semi – hallow and for loud and heavy music, go with solid body.

What kind of wood suits the guitar to make it better and preferable?

Wood used in the manufacturing of the guitar also plays an important role in producing the sound. Choosing the perfect wood for the sound you want to produce is the thing you need to keep in mind when you buy a guitar. Agathis, asg, alder, basswood, koa, bubinga, korina, mahogany, poplar, rosewood, maple and walnut are the materials mostly used in making the electric guitars. For neck there are only two either maple or mahogany mixed with some other wood like ebony or rosewood.

Apart from material and all what other factors should you consider?

Pick – ups are also to be looked at when you buy a guitar. There are two kinds, humbucker or single – coiled. For less noise production prefer humbucker and for producing higher noise go with single – coil pick -up.

The bridge is where the strings of the guitar are attached. Mainly consists of two types – tremolo and fixed. If you love experimenting and always thrive for fresh music, then your choice should be tremolo and prefer the fixed bridge type for steady and sustain tuning.

As a beginner, the amplifier need not be expensive, it can go well with even cheap or low-priced amplifiers. Generally, 10 W – 20 W amplifiers are good for beginners.

Is it good to buy an electric guitar or should go with others?

For beginners there are many electric guitars available in the market. Unlike traditional and acoustic guitars, electric guitars are also pocket friendly and good for fresh starters. When you gain enough experience you probably will know what goes well with your choice and style of music. You can go with purchasing your style of guitar with all the specifications you need. But as a fresher, electric guitars would do their job well.

Many prefer buying an acoustic guitar even as a beginner, but the strings are hard compared to electric guitar strings. So, my choice of guitar for beginners is an electric guitar even though it is less specified than the other two variants. Simply going with the flow may not be good every time. You may lose interest if you go for hard strings in the early stages of learning.

The strings of an electric guitar are soft and smooth on your fingers. This makes you more prone to practice than fatigue. Eventually you need to upgrade and go for acoustic guitar as electric guitar does not go well versed with the experienced guitarists. If you have a bit practicing, playing on an electric guitar is a cake walk for you.

Can use electric guitar as it is unboxing?

Setting up an electric guitar is an art as it makes the difference in producing the right music of your choice. The amplifier should be fixed well otherwise you will end up producing dry music after a time period. You know how to set up and then it is all good. Else taking it to a professional or a known friend can make your time and also by keenly observing them you may know a bit.

Last takeaways

As you can see the list of our pick of top 10 electric guitars has all variants like cheap and costly to the best electric guitars in numerous features and models. Based on your budget and the style of music of your choice, selecting the right guitar is the first and foremost important thing you have to make.

Hope you found this article useful as we have discussed not just about the top 10 best electric guitars available in the market, but also the features to be looked and discussed about the common mistakes one does when buying a guitar. It is always preferred to make a thorough research before going to buy a good electric guitar for beginners. Go to offline stores and check them manually to see what goes well with you. The size and shape must fit your body language to produce a great music out of it.

That’s all for today… Keep Reading…. Keep Learning…. And Keep Enjoying But Don’t forget to comment and share

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