Best Guitar for Small Hands Acoustic – Complete Buying Guide

10 Best Guitar for Small Hands Acoustic - Complete Buying Guide
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Music has numerous benefits for growing kids. Children that learn to play any musical instrument tend to excel over other kids in almost every way, be it artistically, socially, or academically. Guitar playing is one such activity that offers the child with versatile learning, brain development, and enriched social skills.

However, these wonderful benefits don’t just come from sitting in music class — it is a must for the kids to engage themselves with music actively.

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Undeniable Reasons to Love – Best Guitar for Small Hands Acoustic

While considering signing up the child for guitar lessons, here are the sure benefits one can expect –

1. Teaches Patience & Make Them Responsible

Playing an instrument requires hours, days, and possibly years of practice. This enduring practice teaches them patience. Another benefit associated with the guitar learning session is that it makes children responsible. When kids attend these lessons, they learn to maintain the instrument by themselves and follow a practice schedule.

2. Boosts Morale

Learning a new musical instrument gives the opportunity to the kids to exercise, pay consideration to feedback, make adjustments, and see affirmative alterations in their skills. The skill to play a musical instrument is a source of pride and triumph that helps children repel undesirable influences and thoughts.

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3. Enriches Co-ordination

While learning to play the guitar, the kids need to work quickly and efficiently. They are focusing on understanding the musical notes and converting them into the motion of playing aids in refining the coordination between hands and eye. 

4. Acquaintance to Different Cultures

Trying and learning out different musical styles on guitar, consequently helps kids in magnifying their musical horizons and familiarize themselves to diverse genres like flamenco, blues, rock, jazz, and classical music.

5. Increases Memory Skills

Enrolling the children in guitar learning sessions effectively improves their memory capacity as they memorize which strings correspond with which notes and how to play chords with precise hand positions.

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6. Becomes Physically Strong

Playing guitar is somewhat like a sport on its own. By becoming more mindful of how their bodies work, amending, and work on their breathing, and developing improved posture, the child will gain muscle, particularly in their hands, arms, and shoulders.

Though plenty of benefits are concomitant with the guitar learning procedure, the major challenge is to ensure that the young mind stays focused on the task when it comes to procuring new skills. Making guitar learning a fun activity will surely make the kid excited and motivated about it. 

My Favorite Choice 3 Best Guitar for Small Hands Acoustic

#1. Yamaha FG JR1

#2. Yamaha FG JR2

#4. Fender CC-60S Concert Pack

Make guitar learning more exciting for kids or small handed adults? 

But, what needs to be done to make guitar learning more exciting for kids? 

Let us have a look at the below sure-fire ways of keeping the young ones attentive & engaged in playing the guitar.

  • Never make strict rules in the procedure of learning.
  • Play inspiring music that hugely helps in fostering the learning environment for budding guitar players. 
  • Ask them about their favorite singers and songs to tailor guitar lessons as per their choice. 
  • Encourage them when learning becomes stressful and frustrated. 
  • Increase curiosity for the instrument in the kids and help them along with the questions they want to know about guitar playing.
  • Teach them tablature and elementary chord patterns, making their learning process simplified in the long-run. 

Apart from the above factors, one factor that holds the utmost importance in this journey of learning is picking up the best guitar for small hands acoustic. Choosing a starter guitar often encompasses juggling the budget with the kid’s expectations.

Although, with little knowledge and research, one can find the best beginner acoustic guitar for small hands with the essential playability, sound, and looks. 

Acoustic guitaris a popular novice instrument for the kids usually because of the perks that it offers. Starter acoustic guitars are easier and comfortable to play and tend to be less expensive since no amp investment is required in it. 

However, the goodness of the best acoustic guitar for beginners with small hands is determined by the enthusiasm shown by the kids while playing it. And this enthusiasm and inspiration is dependent on some aspects like –

  • How old is the child? 
  • Which size is perfect for the child?
  • How much knowledge the kid has about the guitar?

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Tips For Selecting A Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners With Small Hands 

Here are some quick tips for choosing the best guitar for small hands acoustic keeping the above aspects in mind –

(1) Size Matters

While shopping the best high-end acoustic guitar for small hands, it is imperative to purchase a model of perfect size. Wrong size product makes it awkward and uncomfortable for the children to play it. Acoustic guitar basically comes in four different sizes –

  • 1/4 size
  • 1/2 size
  • 3/4 size, and 
  • 4/4 or full size

Age is also amongst the key factors that need consideration. 

  • Age 3 to 6 – 1/2 size guitar, or even smaller
  • Age 7 to 12 – 3/4 size guitar
  • Age 13 and up – full-size guitar

Heading down to the local music store and trying out different guitar sizes is an impeccable option to figure out which size suits the best for the child. However, while opting for online shopping, checking the below scale length makes it easy to choose the best-fit guitar. 

  • 1/4 size – scale length of 19″
  • 1/2 size – scale length of 20.5″
  • 3/4 size – scale length of 22.75″
  • 4/4 full size – scale length of 24.75″ or 25.5

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(2) Neck

The guitar that tends to have thinner necks works best for the kids. It is for the reason that the neck with a smaller width dimension makes it tranquil for the kids to play it comfortably by wrapping their hands around it.

(3) Tone-woods

While shopping around for the guitar purchase, it can be observed that different guitar models are made of different woods. The variety of wood affects the sound and tone. The top wood has the most significant influence on tone; spruce is a classic choice of top wood for most guitars. Below are some other types of tone-woods:

  • Ebony – This sturdy dark wood is often used as a material for the fretboard.
  • Mahogany – It is a solid, hardwood primarily used for making sides, backs, necks and bridges.
  • Maple – This tone-wood is most commonly used for sides and backs, especially on budget-friendly guitar models.
  • Rosewood – This is one of the most popular woods used on acoustic guitars for making fret-boards and bridges.
  • Sapele – This is similar to mahogany and is generally used as a side and back material.
  • Spruce –This is a standard tone-wood popularly used for making acoustic tops.

(4) Action

In terms of guitar specifications, the action is referred to as the distance of the strings from the fretboard. Based on this factor, guitars are classified into two types:

  • High Action – Instrument having strings far away from the fretboard has high action.
  • Low Action – Likewise, the instrument having strings close to the fretboard has low action.

While selecting a suitable guitar for the kids, it is usually recommended to look for the guitar that has low action, as it is comparatively easier to play for them. 

(5) Intonation and Tuning

It is must to tune the guitar and check the sound, if it still sounds like out of tune, then the guitar has poor intonation. This is a noteworthy consideration while shopping for the best sounding acoustic guitar for small hands, as it is useless to pay for an instrument that doesn’t sound good. 

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(6) Accessories

A guitar purchase is never complete without accessories. It is a must to get all accessories as per the kid’s need to make guitar learning engaging for them.

  • Strings

It is a must to keep extra strings on hand in case of any string break. These strings are made up of phosphor bronze having reedy plastic coating safeguarding the strings against the natural oils on a player’s fingers. 

While selecting the strings, it is a must to have an understanding of string gauge. In simple terms, string gauge is the thickness of a guitar string. It is always suggested to purchase a guitar for the kids with a lighter gauge. As larger the gauge, the strings will become heavier for the kids. 

  • Acoustic Tuners 

A good tuner is pretty essential for the acoustic guitars to uphold a true and consistent sound for guitar chords and individual notes. Different types of tuners that are available in the market are –

  1. LED Tuners
  2. Orchestral Tuners
  3. Clip-On Tuners
  4. Strobe Tuners 

Though a wide range of tuners is accessible in the market, it is a must to select the appropriate one as all have different functions and features. 

  • Picks

Guitar picks are amid the important accessories but often overlooked in the guitar-buying process, as these picks can make an unexpected difference to the playing style and the tone you produce. Few different types of picks available are – 

  1. Standard
  2. Teardrop
  3. Equilateral
  4. Finger
  5. Thumb

While selecting picks for the kid’s guitar, it is usually recommended to go for a standard one.

  • Gig Bag

This is another essential accessory to keep the instrument protected. These bags come in two different materials, one is a nylon fabric with padding, and others are hard-shell cases. On comparing the two, nylon cases are usually considered as a good option for beginners. 

  • Budget

While looking for the best beginner acoustic guitar for small hands to learn on, it is often suggested not to spend a lot of money on it. With several manufacturers present out there in the market, it is easy to get low to mid-range guitars that are great for kids to learn on. 

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Best Guitar for Small Hands Acoustic - Complete Buying Guide

10 Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands To Select

Even after knowing all the aspects, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand where to start and what to choose. Have a look at the below opinions and tips on this matter in a neat little guide –

#1. Yamaha FG JR1

It is a great guitar model by Yamaha for the children who are between the ages of 7-8 to about 10-11. Its comfortable size and fantastic price make it a good option for kids

  • The guitar build is of high-quality and pretty neat too.
  • It comes with classic spruce top and meranti on the back & sides, making it a budget-friendly option. 
  • This great sounding ¾ size guitar with the short-scale version of 21.25″ is perfect for small hands. 
  • Nato (eastern mahogany) neck and Javanese rosewood fretboard make a wonderful combo offering a smooth playing for the little beginners. 

#2. Martin LX1 Little Martin

It is one of the best martin acoustic guitars for small hands. As it is small in size, the guitar is big on quality, tone, and versatility & is suitable for kids of all ages. 

  • As it is a little pricier model, this guitar comes with great build and playability. 
  • It has a short-scale range of 23″ &compact body, this guitar is known for offering bold, punchy, and a harmonious voice.
  • The best martin guitar for small hands have a solid Sitka spruce top and features mahogany laminate sides and back.
  • Including a gig bag, the model is convenient for traveling. 

#3. Yamaha FG JR2

This guitar proves to be a perfect starter instrument for kids aged 7-11. Known for its supreme quality instruments, Yamaha has come up with this ¾ size guitar similar to FG JR1 but with improved wood quality. 

  • It comes with spruce top and nice dark mahogany sides that gives the guitar a warmer, a richer, & a more upscale look.
  • The ultra-thin finish is another perk of this model. The thinner finish vibrates more to make the pure tone stand out.  
  • Its compact size, Rosewood Bridge, open chrome tuner, and authentic acoustic tone make the guitar an excellent choice.
  • The FG JR2 includes a flawless, sturdy, padded gig bag with a zipper pocket near the neck.

#4. Fender CC-60S Concert Pack

Fender CC-60S Concert Pack is a guitar for the young learners. This smaller body guitar is economical in price and is easily manageable for the kids.

  • Having the solid spruce top and mahogany HPL back and sides, the guitar is an all-inclusive package.
  • The model has an easy-to-play nato neck, 25.3″ scale, walnut fingerboard& rolled fretboard edges that provide comfortable playing feel and response.
  • Chrome die-cast tuners keep the guitar sound in tune.
  • The smaller body size of the guitar proffers comfortable playing for children. 

#5. Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar 

This compact size acoustic guitar is a magnificent deal for aspiring guitarists. It has a smaller profile (7/8″ scale) that is designed especially for smaller body frames and hands. 

  • The guitar offers good sound and playability for the lowest price.
  • The maple neck is great for producing clear notes, paired with a classic rosewood fretboard.
  • The sonic attack is nice for the beginners with strong middles, clear trebles, and warm basses.

#6. Yamaha Fd01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

The guitar brand Yamaha is always known for its supreme-quality guitar models that come in every any price range. Combining superior woods and outstanding tone at an outstanding value makes it a premium choice for the kids. 

  • This full-size dreadnought model features a spruce top, and compensated bridge saddle is a nice bonus on a guitar with this price range. 
  • It comes with rosewood fretboard, aclassic spruce top, and natural finish bridge.
  • The thinner nato neck offers comfortable playing for the players with small hands and makes it the best acoustic guitar neck for small hands.
  • Another added advantage is that the guitar is equipped with black pick-guard and die-forged chrome tuners.

#7. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to exceptionally affordable acoustic guitars, Jasmine S35 is an appealing option offering great tone, playability, and overall style at a good price. 

  • The model has a striking 25.5″ scale length dreadnought body having X-braced laminated spruce on the top, and laminated nato back and sides. 
  • This is the best high-end acoustic guitar for small hands that proffers a smooth satin finish, a durable build, and sleek playability.
  • It offers a well-balanced tone and has a big and clear projection.

#8. Baby Taylor BT1

Portable, playable, and affordable, the Baby Taylor BT1 emerges out as a great musical companion. It comes in 3/4-size dreadnought body shape that is incredibly comfortable && helps eliminate unwanted tunes. 

  • The compact, three-quarter-size scale and a solid spruce top produce extraordinary volume and tone.
  • Another great feature is the layered walnut back and sides that create a warm, rounded tone.
  • This is the best acoustic guitar neck for small hands made of maple wood that makes the guitar comfortable to play for the kids.
  • The model includes a gig bag that protects it from minor scratches and damage.

#9. Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

The compact steel-string Aurora Borealis ¾ size acoustic guitar is aimed at children, while its economical pricing is certainly parent-friendly.

  • Genuine mahogany used for the neck has a slim C profile makes it wonderful for small hands.
  • It comes with top, back, and sides made of basswood, and a scale length of 22.5″.
  • The easy-to-play features and petite cutaway body of this guitar delivers true sound. 

#10. Loog Mini Acoustic Kids Guitar

This retro-styled guitar is a great option for children aged 3 or more. The real wood body & maple neck projects a sweet sound making it unbelievable to get at this price range. 

  • The reduced instrument size and three strings offer great playability for small hands. 
  • The real wood and nylon strings provide a decent volume with clarity and a balanced tone.
  • The model features three open-geared tuners with white buttons, complemented by a small wooden bridge that aids in keeping the tune relatively stable.

After knowing about the best guitar brands, it is must to gain some additional knowledge by looking at the below questions –

How to choose the guitar neck shape & which is the best one?

Guitar neck shapes are mainly categorized into three types: C, V, and U.

  • C-shape is the most common neck shape. As it is rightfully flat, this neck shape offers comfort for players with all but the largest hands.
  • The V-shape neck was used in retro-style guitars, but don’t appear in modern models. This neck is best for players who use their fingers for playing chords and tune lines. 
  • U-shape neck is a great choice for players having large hands. Those learners who prefer to keep their thumbs back of the neck or the side, this neck is perfect for them.

However, the C-shape neck is often recommended for players with small hands, as its comfortable oval profile works well for most playing styles. 

Does the size of hands matter a lot in guitar playing? 

Yes, kids having a smaller hand size find it tough to hold the chords. The thicker the neck, the tougher it becomes to reach the chords. Thus, it is always recommended to buy a thin-neck shaped guitar for kids. 

One needs thorough research to determine the child’s exact needs, musical tastes, and exact needs. Keeping the above aspects in mind and spending time and budget in a prepared manner can help find the best guitar for small hands acoustic. A child has nothing to lose, but many things to earn from learning to play guitar. Give them a good start by purchasing a decent quality guitar to learn on.

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