Best Guitar For Small Hands – A Quick Guide With Awesome 10

Best Guitar For Small Hands   A Quick Guide With 10 Awesome Guitars
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Do you know the battle those guitar chords can offer you if you have Small or little Hands?

You know! It’s like an illusion, you seek to hit it with your little fingers.

I read a number of feedbacks everyday by tiny handed guitar players.

And, I can understand that pain, as those days when I was 11 and started learning guitar, I really fought with the same issue daily.

That’s why I decided to address this issue and create an article that can help you easily figure out a best guitar for small hands along with a buying guide having a selection of 10 best fit guitars designed especially for small handed players.

After all, if there are musical instruments that can make it easier to play with small hands, then why try to get fit in with a guitar that makes your hands cramp?

Best Guitar For Small Hands – Awesome 3 Out Of 10

Here are some popular FAQs about finding the best guitar for small hands.

And at the End of this post some professional Tips, Learning Tricks and Fun facts waiting for you so read till end and I am sure your hunt for a best guitar for beginners with small hands will get to an easy end.

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Do I Really Need A Small Guitar for My Small Hands?

It’s certainly not something you need to be able to play the guitar, but it might be a smart idea if you have little hands.

Honestly most adults are capable of playing a full-scale guitar, so if you have done it before and only feel like it might be better to go to the music store and start playing the tiny instruments to see what it feels like.

Selecting the Right Size best Guitar for small hands

Wrong guitar sizes can affect your playing ability and young students can compete with full-sized guitars because of guitar neck length, heavy weight, wider length of bags and notes and many more things.

Let’s start with the size. It is very important for any young student, especially younger students who are not yet fully grown, that an instrument should be according to their fit.

Beginner’s guitars are available in several different shapes and sizes. It’s generally the age with which you’re purchasing guitar needs to be addressed. Generally, our specialists prescribe a half-size guitar for ages 5-7, a three-quarters guitar for ages 7-10, and a full-size guitar for ages 11 and up.

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Best Guitar For Small Hands - A Quick Guide With 10 Awesome Guitars for beginners with small hands
List Of 10 Best Guitar For Small Hands

Buying Guide to select best guitar for small hands

If you looking for the right acoustic guitar for your taste and type, you are lucky, as we have trawled around the globe to find the best beginner guitar for small hands and invested a lot of testing hours to deliver you this professional guide to the world’s leading acoustic guitars now.

Some guitars entered this list because they have long necks, whereas some are short-scale guitars and sadly they’re not all the same.

Let’s have a look at our best guitar for beginners with small hands! We’re positive you’ll find at least one that is perfect for your needs.

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#1. Martin X Series 2015 LX Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Black

The Little Martin is a portable beginner guitar for small hands. It is best guitar for beginners with small hands because of its compact body style. The sturdy aciculum guitar is both esthetic and functional for its nickel-plated tuners and Sitka bracing.

It has a black body with a braid board and frame, a 23 “length and a lower-oval neck derived from the Strata bond. This has a patented Martin neck demise.The Martin LXM Little Martin certainly will survive for a long time.

The “Little Martin” Martin LX Acoustic Guitar is suitable for driving, teaching or ongoing pupils. It is also the best guitar for small female hands. The LXM is full of gig bundles from Martin.


  • Kids Friendly
  • Small Body
  • Gig Bundle


  • Low Sound

#2. Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

The scaled-down simplicity of the Taylor GS Micro definitely makes us comfortable, yet the incredible tone of a giant guitar is heard by a string. The fusion of portability and musicality has proved itself to be an ideal combination of fits and lifestyles, from the sofa to the campfire to the concert hall.It is probably the best guitar for players with small hands.

Both these features combine together to really make this guitar unique. This guitar often sounds really controlled from top to bottom – no left, middle or triple peaks at all. Strum or fingerpick chords on this thing somewhere and the idea of harmony you would be praised for.

The fact that the “missing” sound points are not present somewhere on the neck is anything fantastic. The bridge is done and you can play comfortably on your back. It is very tough to locate in every guitar and is perfect for a diverse style or for playing late in the evening. The construction of this guitar often goes beyond standards. The model is really good in fit and finish.


  • Good Fit and Finish
  • Small Body
  • Smooth Play


  • Very Thin Neck

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#3. Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This one is the Natural Acoustic Electric guitar and it is also available with a Bonus Bundle Option having

  • A Gig Bag To Carry Your Guitar
  • A Tuner
  • A additional pack of Strings
  • A Strap
  • A 3 Picks Pack
  • A bonus Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD
  • As well as with a Polishing Cloth

If you are a Yamaha Instruments fan, Yamaha APTX2 should have a special position in your heart. The APXT2 is like the smaller variant of the Yamaha APX500III, but the highest price. The APXT2 is as common and functions as the latter.

It easily becomes the best guitar for beginners with small hands. When it comes to musical equipment, the APXT2 never will be a waste of money.

Every acoustic Yamaha guitar has a strong tone. The guitar makes of high-quality components and an ART selection device and a touch picking device 68. This is truly the best guitar neck profile for small hands.

The Yamaha APXT2 can also be represented in different colors and finishes as a trendy yet realistic instruments.It can be the best guitar for small female hands due to different color option available. With Yamaha’s proprietary tuner, you would have little trouble tuning it.

APXT2 is the APX500II, the largest multinational acoustic and electric guitar retailer in 3/4. This nice but well built, lightweight guitar is a great on the road business. APXT2 contains an ART pick-up tool and the Yamaha tuner that is proprietary to ensure fast tuning with great reactivity and precision.


  • Multiple Color Option
  • Fast Tuning
  • High Quality Components


  • Average Sound

#4. Yamaha CGS102A Half-Size Classical Guitar

CG series has been developed utilizing conventional guitar technique and handmade technologies across decades. The series is divided by 10 versions into 5 grades to simplify the option of a guitar that suits the tone and style requirements.

Classical guitars are perfect opportunities to include in the list of best guitar size for small hands fingers to study classical guitar techniques. The guitar has a spruce tip, Mercanti arms, a nato neck and a rosewood frame.

The CGS guitar would provide the kids with small hands with years of musical enjoyment and are popular for their classical guitars, which are rather budgetary.

It sounds good at the price and I’d say that its’s really one of the best guitars size for small hands fingers.


  • Travel and Kids Friendly
  • Small Body
  • Good Sound


  • Difficult to tune

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#5. Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar 

This awesome offer in the acoustic guitar RA-90 dreadnaught, comes from Rogue. The guitar Rogue is a perfect resource for beginners and talented musicians. The breadth of the body and width has a smooth sound and a lot of projecting from the entire room.

This incredibly cheap acoustic guitar features a whitewood body that creates plenty of mid-range movement. The nato neck adds support and doesn’t lack quality. It probably has the best hollow body guitar for small hands. The RA-90 is packed with nickel hardware and tuners.

This acoustic guitar from Rogue will certainly do the job for a price anyone can afford. The efficiency and durability of design is outstanding. Sound of this guitar is incredible. This is the reason it is one of the best hollow body guitars for small hands.


  • Low Price
  • Good Sound
  • Available in Sunburst color


  • Constant Tuning

#6. Bristol BB-16 Acoustic Guitar High Gloss Natural

Baby Guitar Bristol BB-16 is so luminous, lightweight and versatile that it’s a moving guitar model. It’s also the option of songwriters and almost anybody who needs an easy-to-play little guitar with a large sound.

The 22-7/8 “scale encourages all the chords to perform and allows it a great alternative especially for adults and older children.

This is remarkably the best guitar neck profile for small hands a sleek mahogany neck offers fast, simple action and enduring stability inherently. Fingerboard of tone wood promises silky playing quiet.

14:1 die-casted machine heads Chrome-plated are smooth and precise.

Another good thing is how simple the tone is. Playing guitar with small hands is no problem. This guitar still casts a very powerful, complicated and engaging son with a lot of tonality, even at a very low playing pace. The polish is really well added to the mirror-like body with almost Zero blemishes.


  • Easy To Play
  • Good Feel
  • Nice Finish


  • Constant Tuning

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#7. Baby BTe-Koa Dreadnought Natural Acoustic-Electric Guitar By Taylor

The best guitar among all is Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Natural Guitar Kid Taylor BTe-Koa. Baby Taylor insists that it is a genuine musical instrument that you should use.

This is one of the best guitar neck shape for small hands.

Its Dreadnought’s three-quarters helped to generate fresh creative concepts on the path to traveling artists.

The Taylor guitars are powered by on-board preamp, which includes an integrated digital color tuner, a tuning LED indicator and low battery sign, and controls on sound and tone. Two 3v lithium button cells drive the preamp / tuner.

It’s one of the best guitar neck radius for small hands.

This looks incredibly huge and feels amazingly distorted, It has outstanding electronics. The tuner designed in performs fantastically.

I figured it might be a challenge to only have one click to change the sound, but it does everything it can do.


  • Hawaiian Koa
  • On-board preamp
  • Comfortable


  • Low Sound

#8. Yamaha JR2 3/4 Scale Folk Guitar Tobacco Sunburst

A small acoustic guitar modeled after long-selling Yamaha FG series, the Yamaha JR2 3/4 Scale Acoustic Guitar is.

Its small size and authentic acoustic sound make the JR2 perfect for playing guitar anywhere. Ideal for campfire, road trips or anywhere, where you want to practice or show your talent.

On the back and hand, a Mahogany (UTF) i.e. an Ultra-Thin Finish which gives lovely look.

It is definitely one of the best 6 string guitars for small hands. It’s very comfortable to hold.It has a gig bag with it. It’s a little smaller compared to the Baby Taylor (BT1), saving extra money for a real, leading guitar.

The kids with small hands will like the Yamaha JR2 or 3/4 size. It’s awesome. The breadth of the neck is not too growing, either.

If the JR1 and the JR2 are puzzled, JR2 is worth an additional few buck and has a great finish and a wonderful case. The gig bag with the JR2 is awesome.


  • Fun To Play
  • Good Feel
  • Comfortable


  • Nylon String

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#9. D’Angelico Premier Utica Koa Mini Acoustic Guitar Natural

Premier Utica of D’Angelico is a dreadnought 3/4 and a perfect partner for music learner.It’s probably one of a best prs guitar for small hands.  The Utica is lightweight and non-cutaneous, with a length of 22.8 “and slim C-shaped back, providing excellent versatility.

It’s idealized for those with small hand-sized hands. It delivers a laminated koa top with soft and beautiful colors, and the sound much surpasses the standards of its smaller body form.

Playing this guitar with small hands is absolute breeze. If one is looking best prs guitar for small hands, this could be the one.


  • Light Weight
  • Good Sound
  • Koa Top


  • For Beginners and kids only

#10. Mitchell DJ120 Junior Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Look inside, the x-braced end of this instrument! It shouldn’t have the X-braced tops this cheap instrument!

An X-bred top is almost unheard of and definitely part of the beautiful tone of this instrument. It is nice to see that everybody has done this really carefully.

Best Guitar For Small Hands - A Quick Guide With 10 Awesome Guitars for small handed players
Pic Credit :- Guitar Center

This makes it one of the best guitar neck for small hands. The dovetail neck joint of the Mitchell DJ120 provides guitar power and strength. The rosewood bridge and the fretboard have consistency in the tone and the fretting hand is relaxed with the C-shaped neck.

The bass is great and it’s easy to play with strong audio and a nice atmosphere. It has a good top and stands in equilibrium making it truly the best guitar neck for small hands.

It has a fantastic sound and plays well easily, but the production and design standard are what made it stand out.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Good Bass
  • X-Braced Top


  • Low Frets

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 I can easily conclude that there is really a guitar for everyone, no matter how small your hands or arms are. Now, go and grab one for your small hands from the above list.

Professional Tips

If you see any you’ve enjoyed from our chart, but hesitate to understand which guitar to select?

Instead go to the nearest music store and inquire for them to check their results and how they sound. Typically, this clarifies stuff. Since comfort and feel, apart from the sound of your guitar, is the most important thing!

Learning Tips

None beats the guitar and the teaching of the new lessons on a daily basis. While it’s just 10 minutes on a day, if otherwise you’re too distracted.

Your mind and your fingers are reminiscent of the best practice, particularly when it comes to these troublesome fingers. Take a peek and grow healthy game habits every day. This will also help develop your hands. It will benefit you.

Take a rest and breathe for a bit as the knees are creaking and fingers are pounding. Anything may be quickly stretched and tendons and ligaments weakened if they disregard the signals of the danger of rest.

Never bother knowing how to play easily. Don’t do anything, really.

Effective technology requires careful fingering and often hitting the right notes, especially when it is a case of skillful bar chord playing. The playing Emphasis on correct fingering that is placed by the performer.

The fact is, learns to play correctly and pace is all of its own.

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Fun Fact

Quite frequently you should do exercises that improve your side and make up for your weak hand.

Typically, by having exercises to develop your arms, you can balance your little paws! In that way, you can push even in uncomfortable places the guitar strings back.

I hope you with this guide you will easily buy your best guitar for small hands and start playing. J

Keep Learning and Keep Practicing

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