10 Best Guitars For Beginners And A Perfect Guide To Nail It

10 Best Guitars For Beginner And A Perfect Guide To Nail It!
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Music is considered as the basic human function that helps define a person. Though each country has its own language(s), there’s only one language in common is the language of music.

Music always holds a significant place in everyone’s life, whether for pleasure in listening, the emotive response, performing, or creating.

Can you envision a celebration, a sports event, a concert, a club night, or a movie without music? Probably not, Music creates ambiance and does countless things for the mood.

Many people aspire to be great musicians or to make something big in the music industry. Just like singing, playing a musical instrument offers plenty of benefits.

It is not only good for mental health but also assists in building self-confidence and in expanding social-circle as well.

how To Select One from The Best Guitars For Beginners?

The guitar is one such musical instrument that acts as a form of mindful escapism and a sure way to craft space between an individual and a busy mind. The roles of the guitar in both traditional and modern music are amazingly versatile, making it one of the most electrifying and gratifying instruments to learn.

Every so often people get enthused with this instrument and jump straight to purchasing something that might not suit them. Now the next big question that arises in mind is which is the best guitar for beginners?

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Top 3 Best Guitars For Beginners (Especially Recommended)

Some common problems beginners face while buying the first guitar

  • Getting the erroneous sound

There are three basic choices of sound that assist in buying the best guitar for beginners.

  • Nylon String Classical
  • Steel String Acoustic
  • Electric

It is always good to know about the appropriate style of sound one wants. Best guitars for beginners acoustics are the most budget-friendly guitars, and easy to learn. On the other hand the best guitars for beginners electric offers the advantage of amplification but is a little complicated to learn.

  • Picking up the wrong size

This is the most common problem faced by beginners. It is good to select the best guitar for beginners by accurately determining the height, age, and capability to handle the weight.

The best guitars for beginners acoustics are light-weight and sounds bright and loud. On the other hand, the best guitars for beginners electric can be heavy but are good for those who are in love with rock, pop, metal and country music.

  • Sticking to a particular brand

It is never advisable to stick to any particular brand. This is because branded companies sometimes use inferior components in their entry-level market products. Thus, it is sensible to play and check the guitar by yourself and ask the store in-charge for recommendations.

  • Paying for unnecessary features

A guitar that is simple in operation and comes with minimal features is the best guitar to learn on at the beginning stage. Usually, beginners spend a lot of money on purchasing higher-level instruments to get the ultimate sound. But in actual, the higher level guitar automatically sounds well when the learning has progressed.

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List of 10 Best Guitars For Beginner And A Perfect Guide To Nail It!

Picking A Good Guitar For Beginners

Cherry-picking a guitar is not that easy procedure to go with. It makes people feel confused more when they are a beginner in this field.

When people are going to step on their foot to the music sphere, numerous guitar terms and guitar info-graphics will come on their eyes to meet.

Either it’s the flawless sound quality, incredible tuning, excellent durability, or nothing at all! Don’t let the perfectionist in you back down.

Here are some quick & fruitful guidelines that are must to follow while purchasing a good guitar for beginners.

  • Do Proper Research

Research is the key to buy the best product. A large variety of guitars are available in the market.

Carry out thorough research about the size, type, tone, etc. of the guitar before buying. Taking assistance from the expert also proves beneficial in the case of beginners.

  • Check The Guitar Size

The size of the guitar matters the most. One should be aware of their height & arm length before buying the guitar. It is usually recommended for beginners to buy smaller-bodied guitars as it increases comfortability and playability.

  • Electric or Acoustic

Keeping a clear choice will help in selecting the best among the two. An acoustic guitar is a more cost-effective option and is better in terms of convenience and flexibility. Whereas electric guitar is considered to be the best for beginners as it simplifies the learning process.

  • Body Of The Guitar

It is also called soundboard which is widely supported by internal bracing. The space amid the upper and lower bout is accurately referred to. The sound and playability of the guitar typically depend on the form of the body of the guitar.

  • Your Selected Guitar Weight

It is always suggested to pick up a guitar that is light in weight. Heavy guitar put unwanted strains on the back resulting in annoying cramps and pain.

  • Intonation

This is another considerable and important fact before buying a guitar. It has certain effects on fine-tuning and producing overtones.

  • Price

It is always recommended not to purchase a guitar that is cheap in pricing. Cheap guitars usually don’t give the perfect sound ending up in buying a new one which is the complete wastage of money.

  • Try It Before Buying

Buying a guitar online may seem to be an easy option, but it is always good to play it a bit. Playing different guitars helps in sorting the best one that gives a great feel.

Armed with commitment and the right info, it becomes easy to find a good guitar for beginners that will help them grow into a great player.

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10 Best Guitars For Beginner To Become a Rockstar Guitarist

As a beginning player, it is imperative to select an instrument that strikes a chord and inspires them to exercise, learn, and play more, which proves to be a key step in their overall success.

Now, let’s take a look at which guitar is the best for beginners

#1. Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar is the best seller product. The cutting-edge technology offers louder and crisp sound in the low-mid ranges. This standard acoustic guitar model offers a simple and traditional look both that will be surely loved by the beginners.

  • It offers great playability and authentic sound for the beginners.
  • It comes with an aesthetic finish, outstanding quality, and robust strength.
  • The benefit of automatic pairing and power-on along with built-in high-quality audio chip.
  • Waterproof security against rain and sweat.

#2. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Choosing the best guitars for beginners acoustic is always a tricky task. Fender FA-100 Acoustic is the best option so further. This amazing product comes with a protective and glossy finish.

  • The outstanding features like Swan X-bracing, spruce top (laminated), and a flawlessly rewarded saddle to make it the best.
  • This full-size dreadnought guitar comes with a fine-edge design offering the comfort of playing for beginners.
  • Near the neck A Special hex adjustable truss rod which aids a lot in adjusting string tensions from the 12-52 gauges of Fender Duratone strings.
  • Padded gig bad included with the purchase makes it easy to carry anywhere.

#3. Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar

This full-sized nylon guitar is extremely affordable and best to start with. Its compact body provides out-of-the-box playability and fantastic sound.

  • It comes with a 3/4-sized student model setup that proves to be the best 3/4 classical guitar for beginners.
  • The 50 mm-wide nut allows the newbie to enrich in finger learning techniques.
  • Spruce top proffers a lively and dynamic sound.
  • Genuine Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

#4. Fender Squier SA – 150 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This is among the best guitar for beginners having an average budget. It is a truly reliable and light-weight option for new guitar players.

  • Comfortable to play has a rough fretwork but the gloss finish on the neck is nice.
  • Proffers a full, resonant sound when compared to higher-priced options.
  • Dreadnought’s Nato neck structures 20 frets with a slender, novice-friendly shape.
  • Scalloped bracing ropes the core structure help giving the guitar that complete, heartfelt dreadnought sound.

#5. Martin LX1E Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Being small in size as compared to other guitars, it offers supreme quality, versatile and crisp tone.

  • Shorter scale length makes it one of the best guitars for small hands.
  • Solid built-up quality and neat finish make it attractive.
  • Good value for money product and its more unoriginal spruce-top sound will fascinate the beginners.
  • A superb quality product both in terms of playability and build.
  • Most importantly the electro-acoustic LX1E available, featuring a Fishman mic system is beneficial for plugging in to swiftly amplify the sound.

#6. Yamaha Pacifica 112V Electric Guitar

This is the best guitar for beginners electric with enduring appeal. This amazing product by the Yamaha has set a benchmark of excellence & specification.

  • The product is not too fancy but solely concentrates on the basic necessities.
  • The guitar comes with an impressive build quality that is suitable for long-term usage.
  • It responds to various genres and plays styles.
  • One thing that needs improvement is the vibrator. The vibrator should be better to match perfectly with other features

#7. Squier Bullet Mustang HH Electric Guitar

This stylish and versatile guitar is best for beginners who are seeking an affordable option. The short-scale length is also an added advantage for the beginners.

  • Featuring a basswood body, the guitar offers an incredibly light-weight feel.
  • Another beneficial feature is a comfortable neck and fingerboard.
  • For sonic diversity it comes with a pair of humbucking pickups having three-way switching options.  However, these pickups need eventual upgrading.
  • Has Hardtail Bridge of a string-through-body for consistent tuning stability.

#8. Fender CD-60S Beginner Acoustic Guitar

This guitar emerges as a great choice for the budding guitar players. The upgraded features in the product make all types of players fall in love with it.

  • Superb value for money product with solid spruce top for a soothing sound.
  • Its dreadnought body style provides a well-adjusted intonation.
  • Walnut fingerboard with rolled edges and a fresh, easy-to-play neck shape makes it comfortable for players.
  • Starter pack comprises of the gig bag, best guitar picks for beginners, a strap, and a spare pack of strings.

#9. Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

This affordable product from Yamaha has proved it as the best 3/4 guitar for beginners again. Picking the famous FG folk guitar shape with a reduced 3/4 size, this small guitar rocks!

  • It comes with the classic pairing of spruce on the top, and meranti making up the back and sides. 
  • The neck is rock-solid & comfortable with a nato build, satin texture, and a rosewood fretboard having 20 frets.
  • The compactly designed guitar delivers a pretty decent tone, with a bit more punch and trebles that are crisp and clean.
  • String change and a good setup breathe extra life into it.
  • It comes with a gig bag for easy conveyance and benign storage.

#10. Cordoba Protege C1M Classical Guitar

This is the perfect nylon string guitar for guitar players of all levels. This value-packed classical guitar proffers a rich sound and is perfect for the beginners.

  • Its Mahogany back along with that sides topped with spruce gives a rich tone.
  • A Traditional mosaic rosette along with a slim neck profile, and a matte polyurethane finish makes it comfortable to play.
  • Exceptional Savarez strings and a modifiable truss rod provides solid neck stability.
  • Available in full, half, three-quarter, and one-quarter sizes.

Passion is an important factor, especially for the beginners, and dislikingthe musical instrument from day one will end up their journey soon. The above list of best-selling products will surely help them find the best guitar that fits their style and requirements. Because the fun of learning starts only when the best guitar is in hands!

As a beginner, one wants something that feels comfortable and fun to play, sounds good, and will uphold its tuning reasonably fine. To make this happen, it is must to take a quick look at the below questions –

Which is the best guitar for beginners? Electric or Acoustic?

Typically this question can be answered by considering two major factors – cost, and user-friendliness.

Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar is self-sufficient. The rates are quite reasonable for such a guitar, it’s convenient to transport, and you don’t need a lot of extras to get it started.

However, on the downside, the heavy strings of a new acoustic guitar can be a little tougher to play.

Electric Guitar

On the other hand the best electric guitar for beginners is much more versatile as compared to the acoustic ones, giving the benefit of easy volume control. As the strings of electric guitar are lighter as compared to an acoustic, it offers the comfort of playing to the beginners.

In contrast to this, the price points of electric guitar are little higher then acoustic due to the need for an amplifier and additional support materials like cables.

Why proper setup of the guitar is obligatory?

Before playing any guitar it is must to get it setup properly. This is crucial because it ensures that electric, acoustic, or bass of the guitar is performing at peak condition, saves little things from going out of thwack, and aids in personalizing the instrument as per the player preferences. It involves a simple procedure that is completed in the following steps –

  • Cleaning the nut to make strings sit impeccably in their corresponding grooves
  • Tightening or loosening of the truss rod for adjusting the neck
  • Pinpointing the height of the pickups
  • Fine-tuning the height of the bridge
  • Setting the intonation by modifying the scale length of each string

How to learn playing your favorite guitar?

To become a master in guitar playing it is mandatory to analyze the guitar infographics. Below are some fruitful steps that assist in enhancing the skills –

  • Seek help from the professional and find anappropriate guitar to play music with variable intonation.
  • Get the basic knowledge and try your best to know all about that.
  • Make efforts to enhance the tunings which are considered as the vital factors to enrich the skills.
  • Along with knowing the guitar analytics, posture also holds equal importance in the learning procedure. Nevertheless, it is a must to know about the proper posture that affects playing musical instruments most.
  • Learn the power chords and practice rigorously to take each note on your grip.
  • Keep patience while learning the skills of playing chords and scales. Afterall, only practice can make the man perfect.

What are the guitar styles? What are the genres one can try?

Learning to play the guitar is a truly rewarding experience. A guitar is capable of handling a number of styles, and to spend the musical horizons one should know about the best genres to learn –

  • Rock
  • Flat-pick or commonly known as Bluegrass Acoustic
  • Blues
  • Electric Country
  • Jazz
  • Classical

My opinion if you can’t make up your mind

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of guitar. However, the finest choice is the guitar that inspires you to learn and play. In my opinion, it is always good to start the journey of guitar learning with an acoustic guitar as it is simple to learn with no distortion or volume knob to crank up, letting the newbie concentrate on basics in an effective way.

This article helps you get a better viewof the advantages of each approach and will benefit you in deciding which is best for you. 

Playing the guitar well is not the matter of strength but it’s a matter of control. The simplest guitar to play is the one you are truthfully interested in. So keep patience, pick up the guitar of your choice, and start learning…

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