10 Best Ukulele for Beginners – Boost Your Learning

10 Best Ukulele for Beginners To Learn The Tradition
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A ukulele (shortly also known as Uke) is one instrument that is quite easy to learn and unique of their type. It is originated in Hawaii islands and still has a vital role in Hawaii’s culture. It did not take much time for its recognition worldwide. As it is easy to use and produces different kind of music, world loved it and till now using it fondly. Well, now let’s jump into knowing it more in depth and find some of the best ukulele for beginners.

There are a few similarities between the ukulele and guitars and there are a few dissimilarities which make a ukulele different from the guitar. It is always easy to learn a ukulele than a guitar. It is the best first practice learning a ukulele than directly going to play guitar. As guitar is an advanced model of ukulele and needs much time concentration.

While Uke on the other hand is much easier with just 4 strings, small and light weight. Uke is much cheaper than a guitar with lowest cost. As you know low cost obviously doesn’t meet enough requirements.

What is Ukulele?

The Ukulele is similar to guitar, but has only 4 strings and is much easier to play. Produces different and soothing sounds than guitar. Traditional music lovers always prefer Ukulele over the guitar. Ukulele entails “jumping flea”, which is named because of its little size, vibrant, cheerful and ebullient sound.

Ukulele and its types

Based on the size of the instrument there are mainly four types.

  • The soprano ukulele (12 – 15 frets)
  • The ukulele concert (15 – 18 frets)
  • The tenor ukulele (17 – 19 frets)
  • The baritone ukulele (18 – 21 frets)

Depending upon the quality of the material used and the type ukulele ranges between $20 and $1000. Most of the ukulele for beginners are affordable and less expensive comparably. Mahogany or Acacia koa is used for the make of high range ukulele while plastic, plywood or laminate wood is used in the making of the cheaper versions of ukulele.

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3 Best Ukuleles For Beginners – Shortlisted

Here I have shortlisted 3 best beginner ukuleles, Which are most preferred options to start with click the Ratings button to check why these 3 are most preferred.

How To Decide The Best Ukulele For Beginners?

Finding the right Uke for your fit is not that difficult as you think. Just knowing a few things about the size and shape of an instrument is enough to select the perfect ukulele for beginners.

As said earlier, there are 4 different types and one has to choose the correct uke for their hand size and body type. Each type produces variety of sounds. Here is where one finds it hard to select the right type. Eventually going through my post you will find out the best ukulele for beginners as well as best ukulele brands for beginners.

Here is a list of a few best ukulele for beginners. Check them out and then decide on which suits your needs best.

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List Of Top 10 Best Ukulele For Beginners Sorted To Select - String Suggest

Top 10 Best Beginner Ukulele Sorted list To Select

Our list goes with the best to the least among these 10 ukulele along with the best brand ukulele for beginners.

#1. Official Kala Satin Mahogany Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit

Kala Ukulele is well known for their high- quality, most recognized and sought after ukulele brand throughout the world. Soprano ukulele for beginner is the most sought after and smallest size of ukulele with tightest fret spacing tuned G C E A and short scale length. You don’t need excess accessories to have fun playing ukulele, all the essentials are fitted well in that gives you a better learning experience rather than frustrating on fixing the instrument.

The high quality mahogany soprano ukulele has Aquila strings from Italy, traditional Polynesian Shark Teeth laser etched rosette, Graphtec NuBone nut and saddle, and well qualified open gear tuners. Dimensions of the product are 3.2 x 8.4 x 22.6 inches.

#2. Concert Ukulele Ranch 23 inch Professional Wooden ukulele Instrument Kit 

There is no doubt this is one of the best concert ukulele for beginners. Concert ukulele was fully made of the sapele wood which out shows the pleasantly bright and warmer tone than the conventional wood combination.

The finishing of the ukulele is light and well-built with fret smooth on every side. Neck is easy to navigate with well-connected and the frets are nicely polished for smoother experience. It is equipped with strings and silver geared tuners with 18 silver nickel frets. Selected wooden bridge and fingerboard gives sturdy as well as smooth touch with which you can roll over the frets whether playing single notes or chords.

#3. Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele 

The DU-150 Soprano ukulele is a fine-toned, affordable instrument which produces great sounds. Its dark mahogany stain with semi glass finish provides the classical prized, vintage look. Resonant maple made neck and body, fingerboard and bridge are dark stained hardwood. True mellow sounds of the Hawaiian Islands are produced well by the nylon strings used and the nickel silver frets guarantee an easy playful activity.

Easy tie – on bridge lets change strings easier and minimizes the breakages. Maple neck and polished frets are made for easy and fast playability. Guitar styled geared tuners of 15:1 ratio makes the tuning much easy and quick which goes well versed for beginners like you.

#4. Wood Ukulele Rainbow Starter By POMAIKAI Soprano 21 Inch

I would say this will be perfect for your kids, especially when they want in different colors rather than boring original colors that elders and professionals prefer. Available in eleven different kid loving colors. Real basswood used in the making of the body with gloss finish produces clear, melodious and crisp sounds. The fret wires are smooth on the fingers and do no to less harm (though in the beginning).

The 15 geared professional tuning machines provide the fast and standard tuning. Fingerboards on the sides are smooth and anti-oxidized frets does not harm your fingers with scratches. Product dimensions are 21 x 6.5 x 2.2 inches.

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#5. Ukulele Concert Size Bundle from Lohanu

Concert Ukulele is the most famous among the elderly which has wide spaced frets. The arched back produces professional soundings of deeper, longer sustained, louder and fuller. Sapele wood and premium white bindings are all around Ukulele neck and body. The perfect tuning is because of the chrome shiny tuning gears.

This will be the best concert ukulele for beginners as it has a cutout with firm grip which ensures no slipping. The medium firm is perfect for strumming and picking. The space is enough inside which through which sound directs to middle and produces top notch sound quality.

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#6. Hola! Music HM-21NT Soprano Ukulele

The neck and body make is of with maple and is painted with a variety of colors which love their instruments to be colorful for producing cheerful music. It creates interest in kids to learn with fun. It is undoubtedly one of the best solid wood ukulele for beginners. Its fingerboard is constructed of walnut and is well equipped with silver geared tuners and premium Aquila nulgut strings.

This ukulele is crafted to create warm and pitch perfect Hawaiian harmonies. The overall length of this soprano ukulele is 21 inches. Nato is used in the making of the neck. Dimensions of the product are 20.7 x 7.1 x 2.8 inches.

#7. Tenor Wooden Ukulele Ranch 26 inch

The 26 inch Tenor ukulele is better than Concert ukulele as it is 3 inches bigger in size and better at producing sounds and wide spread frets is good for adults, intermediates, novices and professionals.

Arched back to give warmer, fuller, longer duration and deeper woody tunes that are a pleasure for the ears. The Aquila strings make the music much pretty clear and soul soothing. Selected wood in the making of the bridge and fingerboard gives sturdy as well as a smooth finish. It is made for high end users and is definitely great for pro ukulele players. Product dimensions are 25.8 x 8.9 x 3.5 inches and weighs around 2.6 pounds.

#8. Bailando 21 Inches Handmade Wooden Soprano Ukulele for Beginner

The Bailando soprano ukulele is made with solid basswood neck and body with traditional shape that produces full boiled sound. On the other hand fingerboard and the bridge are made up of rosewood which in turn renders the perfect tone. Product dimensions include 23.6 x 9.5 x 3.8 inches with just 1.8 pounds.

The chrome plated guitar style tuners are built with plastic buttons and the soft nylon strings are smooth on your fingers giving a pleasant sound as an output. One of the best beginner ukulele found in the market. A full shut tuner can successfully forestall maturing consumption handle structure so as to keep long pitch. There are 12 brass frets with positions at 5th, 7th and 10th frets on top and neck of the fingerboard.

#9. Vizcaya UK23C-MA Concert Ukulele Mahogany 23 inch

The make of the body is mahogany, the fingerboard and bridge is made with rosewood, the combination produces bright and transparent sounds. One of the best solid wood ukulele for beginners with 18 brass fret on top and neck of the fingerboard.

Smooth and precise chromed guitar style tuning machine keep your ukulele consistently in order. One of the best of its kind concert ukulele for beginners enclosed with high- quality nylon strings. Dimensions of the product follows 24 x 8.2 x 2.6 inches with approximately 2.65 pounds. This high quality Uke with low price is your best choice for starters.

#10. Kulana Deluxe Concert Ukulele, Mahogany Wood

Carefully assemble to permit you to produce warm, pitch-impeccable Hawaiian harmonies. The Uke’s fingerboard and bridge are made up of rosewood producing delighted music as output when played perfectly. The body make is mahogany and the neck is of nato.

Every Uke comes pre-hung with premium Italian Aquila Nylgut strings which give this great little instrument a delightful sound. Equipped with traditional white ABS binding, ABS nut and saddle. Product dimensions include 24 x 7.1 x 2.8 inches with a weight of 2. 45 pounds.

These are well known best brand ukulele for beginners mentioned here.I hope you got some idea on ukulele by the time you reach the article here. So you may have found some useful and sorted out Uke for your needs. Now let us have some deep check on ukulele for who are not able to find the right type for them.

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some important tips & faq for ukulele beginners

Sometimes it is not just enough to provide the list of best beginner ukulele or best ukulele brands, sharing tips for ukulele beginners is much more needed. So here are a few for you to choose the apt one for you.

What is the right time to begin leaning a ukulele?

One might think they are too old to learn a new instrument as a hobby or for earning or whatever. But there is no age limit to learn a new skill if you wish to learn. Age is just a number if your will power is strong.

What is the best ukulele for beginners in terms of size?

There are different kinds and brands, so it is obvious one gets confused in choosing the correct one for you. There are 3 types of Uke to choose from, tenor, and soprano or concert ukulele for beginner. It exactly depends on your physical appearance. I don’t mean being cute or ugly! For smaller hands, it is better you consider soprano Uke. Concert for medium handed people and Tenor for large hand people.

What makes a good Uke?

Talking about the material the Uke is made definitely tone wood takes the first place as it is the traditional material used by natives to make ukulele. Although mahogany, maple and other materials do produce fine product, but koa is the traditionally used.

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What is the best brand ukulele for beginners?

Based on a thorough research and best brought we made a list of top 10 ukulele for beginners with best brand ukulele for beginners in this article. Based on the price the brand does not depend. Just have a look at the specifications and check with the right one that fits your needs.

Where and how to buy a ukulele?

As the technology has emerged far very well than we thought, we can get ukulele from either online or offline. I personally recommend buying a ukulele after a thorough research from different online websites and compare them. Choose the best ukulele for beginners that suit your needs. Now check into offline stores to buy the selected one. Checking it physically makes a difference, one can feel it and checking it by yourself gives you a satisfaction.

How much do you think can spend on buying a good Uke for beginners?

As a beginner it is always best to go with lesser cost ones, but not cheap ones though. Spending around $40 – $ 60 is the best bet for beginners. If you can spend more also you can spend around $100. But beyond that is not much needed as you will get the best deals within this range. Any amount spent beyond that, can be wasted for a beginner.

What to prefer – Ukulele or other stringed instruments?

It is obviously your choice, though. But I am sharing few advantages of preferring ukulele to another. Firstly, it is smaller, lighter,and thus easy to carry around. It makes more possible ways to play around where ever you carry. You got some free time, just take it on your hands and bang it. Just learn basics and you are ready to play real music. Not to forget, very well versed for beginners.

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Additional advice I would like to give to a ukulele beginner

Be patient enough as you are a beginner and you know nothing to minimum about how to operate it. There is no hurry, you can learn one thing at a time. This makes you a perfect player. Hurrying or rushing into knowing everything at once makes it a mess. Practice daily, try to learn and improve your skills. Find a good teacher either online or offline, but be dedicated to learning it.

You make mistakes in the early stages, everyone does it. It is nothing to do with, just keep on practicing. There is a saying, practicing makes a man perfect, remember it! Just don’t get irritated when you fail often.

Sometimes failing to produce what you learnt produces a different tune. Making it a win – win situation. So don’t hesitate or be upset to learn even if you make mistakes.

Happy learning!

The best beginner ukulele for beginner which I would like to suggest is with nylon strings made of tone wood or mahogany.

I personally prefer concert ukulele as this goes well with most of the players. Whereas soprano and tenor are for extreme handed people and concert is for medium hand sized people.

Music is a universal language that joins individuals from varying backgrounds. It connects people from various walks of the way together. As we join, love is framed. Also, through love, peace and joy are made inside us.

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