Top 10 Left-Handed Guitars For Beginners – Undeniable Picks

Top 10 Left-Handed Guitars Marked down For Beginners
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Being a lefty is not an easy task. There may be a lot of challenges of being a left-handed person. I have a friend who used a couple of trimming tools without any help. I assumed he’s going to injure himself, luckily, he didn’t.

On this point, I imagined, it must be difficult to manage things as a lefty. A couple of days after the fact, I read an article saying people who are a lefty, in general, are better in positions of decision making. 

They have chances to think out of the box. If you happen to be a rock & roll player and are stuck with being lefty which guitar to buy first.

Worry not! Scroll till the end of the page. I have a top to the bottom rundown of the best left-handed guitars for beginner arranged to pick up from best.

Hunting the best left-hand guitar for learners might turn to be a test, yet, if you identify the nuts and bolts, you’ll be connected to the correct one. It is true that you are a person from the lefty guitarist club.

At that point move down with our top of the most reliable left-handed guitars for beginners.

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Picking the best left-handed guitar for you

With any-left hand guitar you buy, the first thought that should strike your brain is the quality and parts you desire for. A high-yield stoneware pickup reasonably won’t suit those looking for smooth tones and melody.

Indeed to funk or RnB players, and more, a low-yield single-loop probably won’t have enough thickness and sonic mass for the people who lean toward higher rocking tones.

That said – various ideas work for various experts – so mark your attention and don’t be doubtful to break patterns.

 For left-handed acoustic guitar for beginners, the frame and size of the guitar are the most striking features. A few – especially the people who play leads or curve – bend towards the cut and feel of auditorium instruments.

Moreover, others float towards more stout and balanced dreadnoughts and jumbos. So choosing the guitar for left-handed beginners is necessary.

3 Best Left-Handed Guitars Of My Choice

Challenges being faced while purchasing a Left-Hand Guitar for Beginners

There might be twists where you can meet several difficulties while buying your brand-new best left-handed acoustic guitar for beginners.

While mastering out how to strike the best guitar for left-handed beginners is a thrilling recreational exercise to hold on. Several people endeavor themselves to be complete full-time performers, famously appreciated for their verses and songs.

Yet, as a left-handed beginner guitar, you might, however, be overlooking queries while deciding or buying a guitar. These problems might include:

  • Market Collection choice is Regularly Poor
  • Not Being Agile to Examine Before You Purchase
  • Getting the wrong size
  • Switching Among Chords
  • Getting the wrong and un-tuned sound
  • Ordinary Appearance & Color Options
  • Left Handed Guitars Cost More!
  • The Great Second Hand Hunt your choice. 

Keeping in mind these problems that you might face do look from the best guitar for beginners left-handed.

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Which Guitar for Left-Handed Beginners is best to make a move on?

Looks can be misleading here – a greater guitar doesn’t really mean a greater sound – so it’s ideal to plunk down, give a couple of tries and figure a shot that works best to your calls.

Check out amazing best left-handed guitars for beginners.  In this article, I have drilled down some Guitar for left-handed beginners toward the best performers to reflect giving their cash on without bothering.

Our rundown scales from the common sound up to left-handed guitars for beginners on the higher-finish of the range with better tone-wood for the head, front-back, and surfaces to finish the best body frame. Moreover much as could be expected.

How about I meet your top picks and help you to choose amongst the best guitar for left-handed beginners. Scroll down and get the best pick for you:

Top 10 Left-Handed Guitars Marked down For Beginners
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Top 10 Best Guitar for Left-Handed Beginners of All Time (Review)

One of the common universally bowed instruments in the world is the guitar. But, if your commanding skill is left hand, and holding the truth that we experience in a right-handed realm.

Mastering the beginner’s guitar for left-handed or lefty electric guitar without flipping it during the budget can be a piece of a request. It is specifically due to the several designs being created in comparison to right-handed guitars.

This intends possibilities of you opening a music store, for plenty of right-handed guitars. The initial track starts when people buy their first guitar and start mastering it.

So scroll down to have a look.  Experience the top 10 best beginners’ left-handed guitar to let the soul of people play all through the day.

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#1. Yamaha FG820L Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

 Origin of a manifest symphonic name, the most suitable left-handed acoustic guitar for newcomers is unique Yamaha FG820L. You can’t turn out badly with its durable construction, incredible sound quality, and top-notch materials.

In case you’re a lefty. And planning to hit the bucket to play outstanding amongst other best left-handed acoustic guitars in the store, the FG820L is your most reliable option.

Including a strong trim top and mahogany back and sides, the FG820L gives a mild and firm tone that is assured to obtain your heart and souls (or ears). The fingerboard including extension is done with rosewood plus its neckline is formed of nato by a sparkling shine.


  • Modestly polished scalloped bracing
  • Classical westward frame
  • Stable Spruce Top
  • Friendly, sharp & clear tone!
  • Mahogany Rear and Tops

Lefties won’t make some hard time playing the FG820L as it highlights extraordinary die-cast tuners. This FG820L buckles supporting a soul’s fashion guitar, therefore that doesn’t highlight any band bolt through each base of the neckline.

 Despite the evidence that this probably won’t be a problem to several, a couple of buyers appear to be bothered by this fact.

In any case, the incredible complete endurance and strength of the FG820L will give you value for the money. This is my favorite guitar for the left-handed player.

#2. Jameson Guitars Full-size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

 For artists, I have centered on the left-handed electric guitar for beginners exception of this reasonable guitar. This holds tuning bolts encased among die-cast modulated materials similar to the high-priced frames.

In addition, it has the feature of both left and right hand playing strum options. Indeed you can pick which is the best one for you.

Besides, this is manufactured including a Nato head moreover by rosewood fingerboard and pointed neckline. With a sober shine finish, framed with the expansion of about 41 bits, including 3-bits frame width moreover 25.5-inch layer width.


  • Charming, eye-catching appearances
  • Exceptional instruments at a moderate cost
  • The die-cast tuners handle perfectly.
  • The Spruce top might add some excellent depth

Plugged in or unplugged, this excellent acoustic-electric guitar is furnished with a built-in EQ, has a great tone and playability. It befalls with a skillful gig pack bag and picks.

A full-sized guitar, yet with its Thin line body, it’s for grown-ups, beginners, and skilled performers. You’ll without a doubt be dazzled by this guitar. 

#3. Fender CC-60SCE Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Inbuilt with an amazing electronic system locally available, worked and build up in tuner. Fender CC-60SCE Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar for beginners is an extraordinary guitar and the midst of the learning performers.

Additionally, it conveys incredible sound, playability and gives support, while going to the greater frets.


  • Single-cutaway performance frame style.
  • Thick spruce head with scalloped “X”-bracing.
  • Mahogany rear and tops surfaces
  • Easy-to-play neckline with curved fingerboard points.

It’s made with a strong Trim top for you to extend high volume and soothing tone. Moreover, the rear and front surfaces are made of overlaid mahogany with a simple to-play neckband.

This show estimated guitar delivers an even tone with its 20 frets and 25.3-inch scale size.

These regulated tuners hold chrome die-cast, along with the framework is built from rosewood, plus its base and bolt are constructed from the substitute.

Besides this is an incredible choice for sprouting artists and performers. And indeed it turns out to be the best left-handed electric guitar for beginners.

#4. Taylor 114ce-LH Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor’s 100 Series, endures among the perfect 114ce-LH Left-Handed Grand Acoustic-electric guitar.  It offers a fabulous guitar-playing open to everyone with certain solid woods. This is for souls holding the next step in their artistic journey.

These instruments engage in performers’ growth and enhance their enjoyment. Taylor’s great neck portrait is connected with a 1-11/16″ nut width. Therefore, it is making it simple for emerging performers to shape barre chords.

 It’s a well-known fact about the Taylor Series. Taylor guitars have been performing a piece of the world’s best acoustics for nearly about five decades.

Holding in mind that their instrument isn’t appreciated for modest feature it is having. This brings up an amazing acoustic-electric guitar that satisfies the brand’s family.

Moreover, still feels like an instrument somebody would love forever.


  • Best sapwood: Firm Sitka Spruce
  • Likewise cost as the right-handed tale
  • Minute compromise on feature and story
  • Excellent for singer-songwriters

The 114ce-LH Left-Handed Grand Auditorium acoustic-electric guitar includes a long-lasting pack.  Per 600-denier fiber complete pack including double-stitched finishings.

As well as strengthened extension points, created by Taylor for an optimal stroke. That makes them the perfect composing design for those on the hunt for extra motivation.

Moreover, this Taylor Series guitar turns out to be the perfect left-handed electric guitar for beginners.

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#5. Epiphone Left-Handed Les Paul Custom Pro

The ‘Black Beauty’ Design with gold material is one of the most exemplary the best left-handed electric guitars for beginners. And going back to 1953 when Les Paul needed to make a lavish instrument that looked practically like a tuxedo.

This Epiphone holds a great deal of the attributes. These attributes are essentially a more costly Gibson Custom Shop version, with a greeting that feels real. The Probucker tricks are more than used for catching Les Paul’s delight.

Additionally, in much, it has a bending response to a split-coil mode not included on the Gibson performance.  This indeed is great.


  • Change among humbucking plus single-coil tones
  • Push/pull coil-splitting
  • Epiphone proprietary lock-in tools
  • Easy, familiar-feeling neckline frame

The fretboard is made up of Rosewood rather than Coal-black. The Epiphone maple veneer is a lot slimmer than what you’d find on a Gibson maple top. All things considered, thinking of it as costs multiple times not as much as it’s Custom Shop. This is probably the best Les Paul-molded the best beginner guitar for left-handed finished beyond.

#6. Breedlove Pursuit Concert CE LH

This is there from the most moderate of the finish of finger picking to happy music of flat-picking. To complete the strumming style, the Breedlove Pursuit Concert CE LH is designed best of all.

Along with to entertain energetic more softened tones and deliver a natural friendly tone. This is amidst the famous concert-style frame left-handed acoustic guitar for beginners. The guitar frame top is formed of a natural polish surface.

On the other hand, it has firm cedar by black covers to shield the edges. Moreover, it is layered with mahogany rear and fronts surfaces.

The thin outline neckline up to the headstock is made up of a dense arrangement of mahogany.  In the same way with 20 frets, East Indian rosewood fingerboard printed by small white dot inlays.


  • Reliable western cedar with black wrappers to shield the edges
  • Mahogany rear and fronts surface
  • Concert acoustic-electric guitar including cutaway
  • C-shape mahogany neck

For example, to expand the sounds of the Breedlove Pursuit Concert CE LH, it holds Fishman Isys electronics. Indeed it produces a 2-band EQ to mix, side filter.

Along with this, it is built-in USB port for simple interfacing with record-keeping software. The head wood is more apt to resound smoothly. In return to deliver exceptional sustain, harmonics, and accuracy on every note being performed. Breedlove turns out to be the best guitar for a left-handed player.

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#7. Fender Player Telecaster Left Handed

The Fender Player design is one of the most mainstream lines of guitars. For instance, it is being moderated in the Ensenada production line. It brings those historic designs and tones to progressively moderate value-driven guitar.

The design of Fender Player Telecaster Left-Handed guitar is similar to that of woods – alder and maple – and the arrangements of single-coil. Alnico pickups are amazingly flexible, covering darker tones for rock.

However, high-end sounds the Fender Telecast has been long famous for. 


  • Alder frame including polish coating
  • Two Player Series single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • “Modern C”-shaped neckline outline
  • 5″-radius fingerboard
  • String-through-frame linked with bent-steel saddles

The six-saddle connect gives exact sound. Moreover, the steel saddles add some additional touch to the Tele’s customary twang.

Indeed the alternative for Butterscotch Blonde implies you can make one of the most popular Tele surfaces of all-time on a budget.

With the perfect shape and sound Fender bumps out it is the best left-handed beginner guitar.  With A good wing to our round-up it is the most reliable guitar for left-handed players.

#8. Ibanez PF15L Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

Coming in as runner up is the Ibanez PF15L. A left-hand beginner guitar does not grumble around regarding the frame highlights and features.  What’s more, much the same as any guitar produced by Ibanez.

Indeed the PF15L is considered as the top decision. The PF15L handles trim because of its best element, mahogany comforting its rear and top surfaces, and chrome handles the diecast tuners.

Furthermore, it is ideal for beginners’ left-handed guitar searching for an acoustic guitar to give it a shot.

The PF15 is esteemed at a moderate cost without working badly on its quality and sound.


  • Left-handed model Dreadnought body
  • Spruce top Mahogany back
  • Sides Black-and-white multi-rosette
  • Chrome die-cast tuners Natural high-gloss

Having a conventional dreadnought shape, the PF15L highlights an Advantage™ pins, as they are simpler to place in and take out contrasted with the standard and out-of-date bolts

Ibanez’s PF performance guitars, this left-handed system of the PF15 dreadnought Acoustic are a reasonable choice for tenderfoot guitars that despite everything gives you quality and an incredible sound.

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#9. Seagull S6 Original Left

Energize with incredible sounds and hand-worked by artists Seagull is the best. It is made up of the most suitable materials found in North America.

The Seagull S6 Unique Left is a world-class dreadnought style guitar. It is best suited for guitar player’s at all rocking level. The blend of tone woods to extend a clear midrange is great.

Moreover, the tight bass end music is over the entry-level imprint. Specifically, with the costly models to drive and entertain, whoever blunders into playing this guitar. 


  • Designed in North America
  • Excellent Strength Tested Top
  • Dual Action Truss Rod
  • Tapered Headstock for accurate and durable tuning 

This honor winning left-handed acoustic guitar for beginners is made with power tried strong cedar top. It is mainly to illustrate in a semi-sparkle finish to feature the wood grain.

It has a covered wild cherry back and sides to enlist another component. Thus, it is producing a sound that you can hear and feel. The silver leaf maple neck with 21 frets rosewood fingerboard and lowered headstock structure on this guitar is incomparable.

A double capacity bracket bar is accessible on the neck of this guitar to guarantee immaculate neck arrangement and change the alleviation varying.

#10. Rogue RG-624 Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Rogue is rightly known for its die-cast tuning tools for accurate adjustment of tune, inbuilt frame band, including well known Martin strings.

Much the same as various frames on this rundown, the RG-624 likewise has its clear highlights—for an extremely reasonable cost.

On the off chance that you require the best left-handed acoustic guitar for beginners yet at the same time to moderate and on the business end, the RG-624 is your go-to. 


  • Left-hand acoustic design 
  • Trim head 
  • Die-cast tuner engines 
  • Inlaid frame cover 
  • Cover traded individually 

Built by trim top plus nato neckline, trimmed frame, including sworn rosewood fretboard. The RG-624 grants produce excellent sound and enduring growth.

Along these lines, in case you’re somewhat tight on target group yet at the same time demand to have the best sticking experience, look at the RG-624. Moreover, it is the best guitar for left-handed beginners. Make your best choice 🙂

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Which kind of wood is best suited?

The variety of wood used depends on which nature it sinks in—hardwood or softwood.

Offtime some businesses blend the two to produce a well-balanced sound and weight. Usually, alder delivers glorious mids and lows, basswood holds a stable and clear tone, while ash contributes better high sound.

Mahogany yields a friendly and harmonious tone. It is a well-known material utilized to build an acoustic guitar?

Maple is generally used and provides off deep tones, but it’s comparatively heavier. Blend these pairs and moreover, you’ll experience an acoustic guitar by an excellent sound also music including some average mass. The better the wood you choose the best guitar for beginners left-handed you’ll bring out.

The Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar for Beginner which I would recommend

As a newcomer, in the field of music along with being a lefty, I started my musical adventure with Yamaha FG820L. Yamaha FG820L is one of the best choices to perform as a learning champion for guitar.

It is the perfect left-handed acoustic guitars for beginners as well as learners along with being my favorite. This FG820L stands amidst top elements toward any strong frame. Along with that is creatively-built to an amazing tone plus music. I love it as it is worth a single penny spent on it.

At last, this FG820L holds a perfect blend a left-hand person is searching for. It is Including a strong trim head plus mahogany rear and fronts surfaces.

The FG820L gives a mild and firm tone that is assured to melt your heart and souls (or ears).Its fingerboard plus extension is made from rosewood moreover its neckline holds nato including some sparkling shine.

Lefties won’t make some hard time playing the FG820L as it highlights extraordinary die-cast tuners.

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Summing Up:

As a left-handed performer, I suppose you would be happy among any of the best guitars for left-handed beginners. This is that I grabbed a gander here only for you. I might not be correct, nonetheless, something initiates me to think the raisers relish some additional time.

Along with this, it put slightly more passionate, to relish love into these designs since they make less of them. In the light of the fact that they perform to be unique in their own right (or is that left?).

As a left-handed author, going through these instruments urges me to try right-hand guitar just to perceive what they hold and reflect like (particularly the Yamaha FG800). I truly like the shape and sound of this model.

 Decide amidst the most excellent guitar for left-handed beginners and roll the performance. Do lease us your favorite pick amongst these topmost ten left-hand guitars for beginners and remark beneath.

Stay tuned for more such amazing articles reviews. Till Then don’t forget to leave your comments, Suggestions and if you want any guidance feel free to contact us Its totally Free.

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