11 Problems With Ukulele Chords For Beginners

11 Problems With Ukulele Chords For Beginners
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It can be overwhelming to start playing the ukulele as a beginner. Also, understanding chord diagrams, strumming, tablatures, rhythm, etc. is not at all easy! There are many chords and many ways to play them. Here we will talk about the problems, Solutions and best ukulele chords for beginners.

Challenges faced in learning ukulele chords- 

Getting a ukulele- 

Learning to play a ukulele chord is not a small decision. Someone who does not know the musical instrument and new to the world of music may find it hard to pick up an instrument. If you choose the wrong ukulele, then you will have a hard time learning it.

If you are buying it for someone who got big hands, then baritone or concert size ukulele will be best for you. There is a large fretboard in baritone and concert size chord, allowing you to have more space while you play it.

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Sore fingers- 

Sore fingers is one of the most common issues faced by ukulele beginners. It is because their fingers are not in the habit of playing the ukulele. When the first time you play, you are unaware of how much pressure on the strings is to be applied.

Also, there are different hand positions to play simple ukulele chords for beginners which may be not easy for you to understand at first. If you practice in short sessions, but quite often then you can get rid of this problem.

Trouble in changing the chords- 

With few chords for beginner ukulele, one can play millions of songs. however, you may find it hard to switch between chords. Once, you have learned the basic cords after that mixing different chords with seamless transition is not easy as it seems and needs enough practice.

Unable to sing while playing- 

As a beginner, you will find it hard to sing and play at the same time as your brain will not be able to coordinate so fast. If you have a good sense of rhythm, then only you can do both the things together. It would help if you first learn beginner chords for ukulele and then learn to make a smooth transition.

When you are done with the learning process, start by humming song along with playing the ukulele, and naturally, after some practice, you will be able to do both the actions together.

Thus, if you wish to learn to play the ukulele easily without joining a music class. Or, if you wish to give lessons to your kids at home, then there are some simple ukulele chords for beginners.

What are the chords for? 

Being a beginner, you may think that what is the need for these chords on the ukulele, and why am I learning it? The chords are meant for adding texture to a melody and improve the rhythm of a song. If you do not learn chords, then you will not be able to play the song properly or get the right tuning.

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What beginner’s chords for ukulele should you learn first? 

There are a total of 180 chords, but there are 11 must beginners’ chords for ukulele beginners and that are as follows-

  • C major- use ring finger on third fret present at the bottom string.
  • A minor-use middle finger on the second fret of the top string.
  • F major- use the index finger on the first fret of the second string as well as ring finger on the second fret of the top string.
  • G major-use index finger on second fret of 3rd string, a ring finger on the third fret of 2nd string and middle on the second fret of bottom string.
  • A major- on the first fret of third-string use index finger and middle on the second fret of the top string.
  • E minor- use the index finger on the second fret of bottom string as well as ring finger on the fourth fret of the third string.
  • D minor- index finger on the first fret of the second string, middle on the second fret of top string and ring on the second fret of the third string.
  • F#/ Gb minor- index finger on the first fret of the third string, middle on the second fret of top and ring on the second fret of the second string.
  • D major- middle finger on the second fret of string at the top, ring finger on the second fret of the third string and pink finger on the second fret of the second string.
  • F major- index finger on the first fret of top string, middle on the second fret of bottom most string pinky on the fourth fret of the third string.
  • B minor- index finger to three bottom most string on second fret as well as ring finger on fourth of topmost string.

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Which are the 10 best ukulele chords for beginners?

1. Jumping’ Jim’s The Daily Ukulele Songbook With 365 Songs

In this ukulele songbook, there are 365 songs which include the biggest hits by some of your favorite artists like beach boys, Beatles, Bon Dylan, etc. Also, there are pop songs, Christmas carols, Hollywood tunes, kid’s songs and much more.

Thus, you can strum songs you like and learn them easily using this songbook. Also, this songbook comprises of various tips and tricks, chord charts as well as ukulele themed photos.

2. Ukulele Primer Book for Beginners Along With Online Videos

Bert Casey’s ukulele primer book for beginners along with online classes, is made for easily learning ukulele. Also, this book is useful for playing songs on soprano, tenor, or concert ukulele.

At the beginning of the lesson, you will learn the basic ukulele tuning like G, C, E, A. Ukulele chords for left-handed beginners and right-handed beginners are also included.

Once you have covered the basics, you will be taught to play chord and strum patterns of 15 different famous songs. This fifty-page book contains detailed instruction, chord charts, musical notations, helpful tips as well as photographs and much more.

86 minutes of online video which offers instruction and techniques to play the songs in the book. Video is displayed in the split mode so that users can see hands movement and music at the same times. By learning new songs, you can entertain your family and friends easily.

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3. A Ukulele Songbook by Hal Leonard Corp – First 50 Songs You Should Play On Ukulele

Hal Leonard LLC is the most popular source of musical and instructional material worldwide. They offer material in physical as well as digital form. This songbook comprises 136 pages with detailed instructions for ukulele beginners.

This songbook will teach 50 must-to-know favourite songs to beginners. The songs included in this book are- both sides now, I’d like to teach the world to sing, we are the world, over the rainbow, edelweiss, imagine magic dragon, etc.

Songs from past to present are covered in this songbook. The lyrics and chord diagrams are neat and clean, making it easy for users to understand and learn them easily!

4. All In One Basic chord chart By Alfred

In this chord chart list, there are all of the fundamental ukulele chords. Every chord is shown clearly using chord frame, and it indicates fingerings, fret, as well as note names. Minor, major, diminished, seventh, augmented, minor 6th, major 6th as well as 9th chord is given.

Also, a guide to chord accompaniment is included showing three fundamental chords alternate chords for every key as well as relative minor chords.

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5. 21 Easy Ukulele songs for Christmas

These Best chords on ukulele for beginners features 21 Christmas songs. A beginner can learn and master the songs on the ukulele to play on Christmas. With this songbook, you get free online videos also.

The reason why we recommend this book is because the songs are arranged from easiest to hardest. Thus, you can properly learn the chords.

Photos and diagrams in the book show how to strum and place fingers for each chord. Songs given include lyrics, musical as well as tab notations. You can follow the tabs to play melodious Christmas songs.

You can learn and play nostalgic Christmas songs like- Jingle bells, deck the hall, silent night, away in a manger, upon the Housetop, and much more.

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6. Ukulele Aerobics: for all levels, from beginner to advanced- 

This book offers you everyday lessons for improving, developing, and maintaining the ukulele techniques. You get practice materials along with online audio videos which help to understand instructions given in the book.

Beginners can increase their speed, heighten coordination, improve dexterity, and accuracy in playing the music on ukulele using this songbook.

Also, they can learn different styles from pop to jazz and folk to rock music. Techniques you will learn from this basic ukulele chords chart for beginners are fingerstyle, strumming, hammer-ons, legato slides, pull-offs, staccato, vibrato, damping, and much more.

7. Simple ukulele chords By Jake Jackson Publication

The book by Jake Jackson’s publication is offered as Kindle edition. It comprises of 13 books and length is 384 pages. There are 180 chords arranged so that the beginners can learn to play the ukulele at any level.

Also, the book is easy to use and easy to carry as it will easily fit in the flight case or gift bags or handbags. Thus, users can practice anywhere at any time.

It is a perfect book for any beginners who wish to learn chord as the book contains useful and essential chords well organized in it, introduction to strumming, and you color types given in the book for the beginners to understand how to play the ukulele properly.

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8. Ukulele Pocket Chords Chart With Cheatsheet for Ukulele Beginners

This chord chart for beginners contains 7 pieces of ukulele chord chart A to G. Also, the chart contains chord formulas as well as a circle of fifths.

Users also get a double-sided cheat sheet of 8 pcs which include popular chord. Using cheatsheet is much easier than using a chord book. Also, it is made with waterproof plastic material as well as printing is of high quality which does not fade away.

This basic ukulele chords for beginners contains minor, major, dim, Don and sus chords which are pocket-sized 2.9″x4.7″. These chord cards make the best gift for any ukulele beginners or teachers, etc.

There is the best chord for ukulele beginners given in this cheatsheet who wants to learn blues, jazz, popular, rock, and country music so you can practice them daily!

9. The Beatles for fingerstyle ukulele

The best thing about this songbook is that it includes 25 songs presented in two ways- a solo fingerstyle arrangement for playing chord along with tab and diagrams and secondly, chord lead sheets for strumming as well as singing.

Songs are arranged from simple level to difficult level for easy practising. Also, the book includes various interesting and fun facts about Beatles history.

Some of the biggest hits of Beatles included for you to learn are- hey Jude, can’t buy me love, and I love her, yesterday, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, here comes the sun, while my guitar gently weeps, across the universe.

This book of a Total of 136 pages can be the best gift for any ukulele beginners or who loves the Beatles music and wants to play it.

Also, you can cover the book into a ukulele chord chart for beginners’ pdf and keep It with you for a long time!

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10. Ukulele for the Complete Ignoramus (Book & CD set)

Last but not the least this introductory ukulele songbook is best ukulele chord progressions for beginners. The best thing about this songbook is that there is a variety of songs. A brief history of each song and all verses are included in this book.  

Apart from that, you get an MP3 recording in a CD form for each song, chord practice, and other materials. If you go for a spiral-bound version of the product, then you will be able to carry it easily anywhere for practice.

Beginners can learn 37 folks, Hawaiian, swing as well as gospel favourites from this songbook and in future they can play more songs when they had successfully mastered the skills.

In how much time I can learn ukulele? 

Learning ukulele chords for beginners will take at least 3-6 months to get comfortable in playing songs on the ukulele. This is because memorizing all the chords need a little more time and effort. But once you learn chords formation as well as strumming, you will be able to play any song.

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Which ukulele is best for beginners?

Being a beginner, you have to be careful of which ukulele you start with! If you are a beginner, then you can go for these five best beginners’ friendly ukulele-

 -Lanikai LU-21 Soprano ukulele

Makala Dolphin soprano ukulele

Donner concert mahogany ukulele

Kala KA-TE mahogany tenor ukulele

Cordoba 15 CM concert ukulele

Can I learn ukulele on my own? 

“Practice makes the men perfect” if you wish to learn how to strum and play chords correctly, then you need to practice properly. Also, in the songbooks you buy, there are listed many songs that can be played using a few basic chords. Moreover, ukulele basic chords for beginners are very useful in teaching you how to play the ukulele.

How much time should I practice daily? 

If you are a student, then start by practising 15-20 minutes daily. Elementary school students practising 30-45 minutes will be enough, and for adults or teenagers practising an hour will be appropriate to learn playing the ukulele effectively.

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Buying guide – To Buy Best Ukulele chords For Beginners 

With so many songbooks and chord charts, it becomes hard to choose which one is best! To make it easy for you to choose chord for ukulele beginners, here we have described a few tips-

Music skill level- 

Always pick the ukulele chord according to your music skill level. For beginners, there are simple/ basic chords that you can start with. Likewise, there are songbooks for intermediate and advanced levels.


you don’t need to spend much on buying a course or joining a music class to learn ukulele chords. You can get a chord chart/ book at budget-friendly rates and learn to play music on ukulele from home.


There are lots of authors and lots of bestseller songbooks for ukulele beginners. However, you must check which the author has described the lessons in easy language. If you don’t understand what is given in the book, it’s hard to learn. So, always check reviews about the author and the book.

Contents of the book- 

Make sure to check the content of the book you choose for learning the chord. A book should contain all the important content for learning chords, strumming, and practicing the ukulele. Printable ukulele chords for beginners should include diagram and photographs for easy understanding.

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Book format- 

Also, you should decide which book format you like whether printed, or as pdf, or as a cheat sheet. 

Printable ukulele chord chart for beginners is suitable as you can preserve the book for long and look at it from time to time. Pdf format is best for someone who wants to learn from anywhere at any time. Chord cheat sheets are best to carry and easily accessible.

If you keep in mind the above tips then definitely you will be able to choose the right songbook for learning the ukulele chords.

If you are still confused about which ukulele chord chart for beginners you should choose then here is my suggestion!

Songbook for ukulele beginner which I would like to suggest is “ukulele exercises for Dummies by Brett McQueen”.

This book is best for learning rock steady strumming patterns as well as rhythms. There are best finger pickers with arpeggio exercises and patters as well as solo fingerpicking pieces. With this book, you will be able to take your fretboard knowledge to another level.

Also, you will get confidence to craft your own rock, jazz, and blues. You will learn to play from classic tunes to 12 bar blues on ukulele using this book.

Also, downloadable audio files are included which make it easy to practice music on your own. This is the best book for not only beginners but anyone who wants to improve their playing ukulele skills.

When you look inside the book, you will see several exercises, tempos, and styles. Also, there are given tips and tricks to use the chords to play the actual music. Also, warm-up exercises book your mind and make you learn faster each chord.

Also, if you are thinking to become a professional music artist or perform on various platforms, then this is the best workout book for you! You will practice every day and learn to master the ukulele chords.

Also, I would recommend you to choose- “First 50 songs by Hal Leonard” as this book is very easy to understand. Also, it has 50 most accessible song collections which are not only easy to learn but very interesting to play!

As a beginner, you will love the book as it has detailed instructions on how to learn chords and strum the ukulele.

Also, each and every chord diagram is shown clearly, and it is very easy to learn through chord diagrams and pictures given in the book. The book comes in three formats- kindle, paperback, or spiral bound. Also, users can find ukulele chords for left-handed beginners.

Final thoughts- 

Now, that you have got a ukulele and ukulele chords for beginner guide, we hope that you will be able to learn the chords easily and will be able to play some of the best music! No matter you are practicing the ukulele for fun or for becoming a musician. Playing an instrument always need practice and efforts.

So, if you give time on practicing daily at least for half an hour, then you will easily learn how to play ukulele chords for beginners. Also, playing an instrument like ukulele gives good exercise to your mind. It enhances your creativity level, and you can invent new songs and hits.

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